Surfboard Kick Flip?

Volcom Kickflipoff

We came across this little gem last night, a surf contest worth $10,000. Sadly, it might be hard for us land-locked Minnesotans  to win this one. It would be hard landing any kick flips wearing  30 lbs of wet, cold neoprene on an 8 foot Bic surfboard or riding a stand up paddle board (Sup) on the cold waters of  lake Superior …

On Nov 21, 2007 Volcom’s KickFlipOff contest Begun.  The comp is open to everyone and will end when some lands a “real” kick flip on a surfboard. The rules sate it must be on video and it must be a air above the lip. Click here to see Volcom’s official rules and regulations.

Somebody already came close at Steamer’s lane in Santa Cruz . Unfortunately it was not up to the standers that are set by Volcom, but non the less it is impressive. Check out the vid below.

Click here learn more about Zoltan Torkos the rider behind the”kickflip that almost was”

2 Responses to “Surfboard Kick Flip?”

  1. shawn on said:

    Dude. That was 2 legit 2 quit. Like MC Hammer said.

  2. Volcom mans up and gave Zoltan the 10k! Way to be Volcom! They are now offering 20k For a bigger better surf kick flip.

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