We’ve probably all received this acronym on our phones at some point within the last decade. It could be the most annoying of all text vernacular; OMG!

Most people would probably agree that it stands for “Oh My God/Gosh”. I was on this train too, until I recently saw an episode of Gangland on the History Channel where I was enlightened that OMG officially stands for “Outlaw Motorcycle Gang” in the law enforcement world. Then I got to thinking about all the different people and places I’ve seen/heard this and wondered; Is Shawn Watson actually a two-wheelin’ merchant of destruction as well as board-wielding purveyor  of sickness?

2010 Liquid Force Watson Hybrid

2010 Liquid Force Watson Hybrid

I’m sticking with my new perspective as I find it much more entertaining than the thought of language being reduced to how it sounds in Idiocracy. So grab yourself a 2010 Watson Hybrid wakeboard and start popping Outstanding Mute Grab’s Over Mom’s Garage On Monday’s Grind! Or, better yet, come up with your own!

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