A [SKI] Day To Remember



In early November a group of misfits and socially awkward snow junkies banded together in celebration of the most influential skier of all time — the one, the only, the late and great Shane McConkey. McConkey (the movie) was to be shown that evening at the Pantages Theater in downtown Minneapolis. Dfunk Taylor, Minnesnowta local and avid skier, was inspired to help. Taylor organized the day, creating the opportunity for skiers and snowboarders to give back to the passion burning within. A party bus to Trollhaugen for an early season shred fest, a raffle at The Pourhouse,  and a much anticipated screening of the award winning documentary; it was an epic day. We raised our spirits and the corners of our mouths, we raised money for The Shane McConkey Foundation, we raised our hands for high5s. Part of Shane’s life mantra was to live brilliantly, passionately, and do everything with a smile on your face in full recognition of the fragility of the moment. We were able to capture this credo on Friday November 8th. Thanks DFunk…I can’t believe you are a pro, I’m so much better than you (500 G.N.A.R. points)!

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  1. Derrick Funk Taylor on said:

    Thanks to The House Boardshop for all the love and support. You guys helped make this event a ton of fun, not to mention your critical involvement in raising money for The Shane McConkey Foundation. You are the rock to my roll. (PS – I wrote this BN (butt naked) 5,000 G.N.A.R. points)

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