Purple Out

I think the only reason why purple is one of the hottest colors for the season is because of Prince and the Vikings. I think Prince and the Vikings brought back purple since they’re both from Minnesota.  Also did you know that purple is a symbol of royalty and wealth. You’re going to see purple in everything from jackets, boots, t-shirts, snowboards and etc. Well I guess you should go buys some purple now. Here are some of my favorite products for this season in purple.


Purple Gear from head to toe

Helmet: Red Hi Fi

Goggle: Electric EG.5

Jacket: Volcom Albedo Women’s jacket

Snow Pants: Bonfire Prism Women’s snow pants

Mitts: Volcom Iller Leather Women’s mitts

Snowboard: Burton Lip Stick 145cm

Bindings: Burton Lexa Ext

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