Best April Fools' Day Prank

Best April Fools’ Prank

Everyone loves conducting a good prank.  Months of planning and preparation can be daunting, which, at times, makes the simplest of pranks best.  Welcome to the timeless April Fools’ Day prank, the High Five Fake.

Step #1 – If you see a friend, colleague, or random stranger walking in your direction raise your hand above your head to initiate a High Five.  It is best to be within a 10′ distance before starting the prank.

Step #2 – At the 3′ mark excitingly say “High Five.” and begin arm extension toward the direction of High Five impact.

Step #3 – Gaze into the eyes of prank recipient while bypassing High Five contact area with your hand and pridefully yell “Psyche!”.

Step#4 – Walk away knowing you’re a better person.

Practice makes perfect and the High Five Prank is a skill you’ll need to master.  Best of luck and enjoy April Fools’ Day.

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