Our Civilization (Full Part)

Kyle Baca is the guy behind the extraordinary skate flick “Out Civilization”.  If you have 27:46 of time to kill, make sure to watch it.


Mikey Leblanc in “LOVE/HATE”

Mikey Leblanc is pretty crazy; take a look at his part in Love/Hate.  Although he’s not listed as a team rider for Ride Snowbards, he has however moved on to some very different things.  Mikey is the co-owner of Holden Outwear.

Matt Wolfson Memorial Rail Jam

Matt Wolfson, who tragically passed away in the summer of 2012, had a feature built in his honor at Elm Creek that was funded by his family.  Elm Creek had a rail jam to in memory of Matt and to announce the new feature.

Created by Jared Levine

Volcom Peanut Butter and Rail Jam – Moonlight Basin

Volcom Stone knows what’s up.  Here is a view into what went down at Moonlight Basin.

Jake Moore Edit

If you don’t know who Jake Moore is, you’ll find out very soon.  At :28 he bomb drops Buck Hills’ pipe, watch for jibbers starting to do this into 22′ superpipes…