Handplant Holiday – Fully Video + How To Do A Handplant

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In a world of Double and Triple Corks the handplant is one of the most underrated tricks in the world of snowboarding. Regardless, they are tons of fun to do and if you don’t have one in your bag of trick you are missing out. Handplant extraordinaire JP Walker brought together a group of elite snowboarders for the first annual Handplant Holiday at Bear Mountain.  A person would think that just one or two quarter pipes would be enough, but the Don and the Bear Park crew had something a little different in mind. Click here to learn how to do a handplant.


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Featuring Riders: JP Walker, Jeremy Jones, Pat Bridges, Simon Chamberlain, Marko Grilc, Scott Stevens, Cody Rosenthal, Chris Grenier, Ben Bilocq, Tim Eddy,Dave Downing and Dale Rehberg.

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2013 Top Shop / Top Crew Skate Contest

2013 Top Shop / Top Crew

If one thing can be said about the 4 days that make up the 2013 Top Shop / Top Crew Skate Contest at 3rd Lair it would be – intense.  18 Crews from across the nation comprised their best 5  riders and 2 alternates to represent their team.  After the dust had cleared the Geam Toon Team from the Harmony Skateshop in McHenery, IL stood on top.

2013 Top Shop / Top Crew Skate Contest Final Results:

1. Geam Toon
2. Yolo Gang
3. The Junkets
4. Minnesconsin
5. Team Goon
6. Ello Skateboards
7. Over The Top
8. The House
9. Cal Surf

2013 Top Crew TOp Shop Skate Contest Best Trick:

Corey Millett (Nollie Flip Backside Lipslide) Read More

Frendly Gathering 2013 Initial Line Up Announcement

The_Frendly_Gathering_20122Gather your FRENDS and come join the Frendliest crew around at Frendly Gathering hosted by Burton Snowboards. For more info and to get tickets visit frendlygathering.com.

Where – Windham, VT

When– June 28-29th!

For prices click here – kids 12 and under get in free.

Activities: Music, Yoga, Skateboarding, Hiking, Swimming, Camping and of course Dancing.



2013 Volcom PBRJ Championships – Mammoths Mountains

Volcom’s Edit:

Minnesota show]

Minnesota showed up in full forces at this years at Volcom PBRJ, taking home 6 of the top spots.  Only to be outdone by Vermont’s  local  Sawyer Deen who took first in the open division.  We would also like to send out a big congrats to House Team Rider Matt Chase for taking 1st place in the 16+ division at the 2013 Volcom PBRJ Championship at Mammoth Mountain!

Mammoth Mountain Edit:



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G-Team Summer Cross Training

G_TeamThis Summer, Join the G-team for a summer Cross Training and Get Ready For Next Season.

At the end of winter we are all sad to pack up our snowboards and skis as the weather gets warmer and summer approaches. What is a board sports athlete to do during the summer months to keep their board skills sharp like your core, balance and muscle movements? Every rider wants to get back on the snow again stronger than the season before with a new bag of tricks to through down. The G Team thinks summer is the best time to improve and learn new skills. Just like other professional athletes who cross train during the off season, The G Team offers training programs for board sports athletes like trampoline to help riders progress even when the snow if gone.

  1. Trampoline Training– Helps to strengthen core muscles and improve body awareness will spinning and flipping. Learning skills on a trampoline first is the safest and most successful way to then bring skills to snow.
  2. Skateboard Training –Movements athletes use in skateboarding like dropping in, balancing and weight distribution are all used while on a snowboard.
  3. Wakeboarding – Think of the wake of the boat as a your kicker on the hill, many of the same principals that wakeboarders use to land tricks are the same as snowboarders.

G Team Summer Cross Training Details

  • Training programs are June – August
  • Open to athletes of all skill levels
  • Flexible Training Schedules

For more information check out the  G-Team Summer 2013 Guide or Contact them by Email  at coach@thegteam.com or by phone at 952-454-5686.