Alta, oh the things skiers say.

No Snowboarding Allowed. Hello, 1987 called – they want their old world view back!

As you may know,    Alta is one of the only mountains left in the United States that does not allow snowboarding. Some people believe the lack of snowboarders is what makes it great. Personally, I disagree. What makes Alta great is the fact that it is a place where old time separatist skiers can go to congregate. Thanks Alta,  for keeping that negative attitude and an old world views separate from the generally public.

I for one hope, that someday an old bad ass snowboarder (hint hint Jake Burton), opens a Mountain just for snowboarders.

 Power to the Poachers!

Vermont Ski and Snowboard Museum

The Vermont Ski and Snowboard Museum does nothing but amaze.  It originally opened as The Vermont Ski Museum in Brandon, VT in 1988; later to be moved to Stowe, VT in 2000 and relocated in 2002 to South Main St. in Stowe.  A wise decision was made to add the word “Snowboard” into the museum’s name in 2011.

The Vermont Ski and Snowboard Museum collection contains over 7,750 items that spam 7 categories:  Ski Equipment, Ski Clothing, Mechanical Equipment, Vermont Area / Ski Vermont items, 10th Mountain Division, fina art, and miscellaneous archival materials. Read More


Today’s Something For Ya’ Tape Deck is brought to you by: Heiruspecs War Drums War Drums by Heiruspecs Big Air Contest

Everyone loves a good circus and Zurich, Switzerland just a a big one.

This uber contest combines skiing, snowboarding, fmx, and mountain biking into a mixing bowl of overstimulation.  From what we know the massive crowd picked the winners.

Final Winners:
Ski- Henrik Harlaut
Snowboard- Chas Guldemond
FMX- Dany Torres
Mountain Bike- Martin Soderstrom

Jed Anderson – In Full

“In Full” is Jed Anderson’s footage from the 2011-12 season. Jed is the world’s most innovative rail rider, period. He approaches the streets from a unique perspective- with modesty, effortless power, and a skate influenced style. “In Full” is Jed like you’ve never seen him before.