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Win Some Matix Headphone

Win these new Matix headphones. Just by Sharing Your Favorite Shred Song.

This week we decided to put out a few songs that would make your riding playlist a little spicier and hopefully give you that little bit of courage, hype, stoke and smiles that music adds while you’re shredding! ENJOY, all my gnarbroyles and gnargoyales. (All these songs are available for either FREE Download, on Amazon and iTunes Store!)

Share a song and WIN!

What is your favorite shred song or mix?

TO ENTER: Leave a comment on this post with the name or a link to your Favorite shred Song and you could WIN the new DOMEPIECE HEADPHONES from Matix. You only get one entry, so choose wisely. The winner will be selected (next Friday) by our team of highly trained Shred Monkey!

Warning* Some Songs may contain explicit language and Epic beats.

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Base Layers- The Best Way To Keep Warm This Winter

There is no better way to keep warm then have the proper equipment and it all starts with what you have underneath. No, we are not talking about a extra layer of of fat gained over the holiday, we are talking about technical Base layers.

Today’s base layers are nothing like your old Cotton Waffle long Johns. These bad boys are designed to be comfortable, dry fast, wick moister away from skin, and most of all keep you warm and dry out on the hill.

Types of Base layers:

  1. Wool Base Layers –  Wool is a natural antimicrobial (meaning less odor) and offers more warmth then a synthetics base layer.
  2. Synthetic Base Layers –  Are light weight, dry fast, great for all conditions, easy to care for, and they are about half the price of wool.

Garrett McNamara – 100 ft wave?

If you where impressed by Garrett  McNamara before you going to love this. On January 28th McNamara returned to Nazaré and surfed what appear to be 100 foot wave. When the wave size is verified it could possible break his previous Guinness World Record  by 10-20 feet.

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