Big Air Contest

Everyone loves a good circus and Zurich, Switzerland just a a big one.

This uber contest combines skiing, snowboarding, fmx, and mountain biking into a mixing bowl of overstimulation.  From what we know the massive crowd picked the winners.

Final Winners:
Ski- Henrik Harlaut
Snowboard- Chas Guldemond
FMX- Dany Torres
Mountain Bike- Martin Soderstrom

Jed Anderson – In Full

“In Full” is Jed Anderson’s footage from the 2011-12 season. Jed is the world’s most innovative rail rider, period. He approaches the streets from a unique perspective- with modesty, effortless power, and a skate influenced style. “In Full” is Jed like you’ve never seen him before.


Volcom #IP2 Video Premiere

As the video premiere season slides further along into the greatly anticipated snow season all who participate see bonds of friendship and community grow deeper within the soul of Midwest snowboarding.  It wasn’t until the Volcom #IP2 Video Premiere that people started to get extremely excited about riding; maybe it was the cool weather that floated in or maybe it was the uniqueness that makes every Volcom video, well distinctly Volcom. Read More

Bear Mountain’s “Feature Factory” – Full Movie

Featuring 80+ jibs, over 120 jumps, 3 pipes including a superpipe, cheap lift tickets, and the universe’s best chili bread bowl.  Bear Mountain is hands down the best park in the world. So-Cal’s finest has catered to snowboarders since day one. No where else can you find a whole mountain snowboard park that is blessed with 90% sunshine. Here at The House we look forward to their “Sunday In The Park” vids they drop every week during the season. This feature length film is all of them from the 11/12 season mashed-up and re-edited. Watch for a strong Minnesota presence, as we dominate the game.

Burton 13 Video Premiere – Minneapolis, Minnesota

The crowd turned out for Minnesota’s Burton 13 Video Premiere.  Free brats and cold beverages were the next best thing behind the actual movie.  Burton’s 13 showcased everything you could want in a snowboard flick.  From steep face pow descents, to backcountry booters, and a few jib, park, and pipes shot sprinkled in everyone saw what they wanted.