Volcom Snowboard Hump Day Giveaway!

New 2013 Snowboard Gear is now arriving and we are pumped for this upcoming season. So this week, we decided to Giveaway a Volcom Snowboard.  To enter visit our Facebook page or Click Here.

Round Lake Skate Plaza – Eden Praire, MN


Eden Prairie Parks and Recreation staff has teamed up with Action Sports Design (Carlsbad, CA) to create a new Skate Plaza in the former skatepark location (16691 Valley View Road).

The Round Lake Skate Plaza is expected to open in early October 2012. Get pumped. Read More

E-Gal Eye Trailer

The launch of Bald E-Gal’s E-Gal Eye is coming soon.  September 1st to be exact – at the Pioneer Theater in St. CLoud, MN.

The best local riders are sure to kill it in E-Gal Eye.

New Banana Board

It’s been a long time since I’ve been on an super old school deck.  Sure I have a wide cruiser – but a Banana Board?

Legendary Lance Mountain is fully backing the 70′s toys and ramming them into the forefront of skateboarding’s fun mentality.

Stereo recently released the Vinyl Cruiser, and everyone at the shop loves it!  Once you get over the vintage feel of the ride you’ll be hanging ten in no time.



Zombie Rally at Trollhaugen

In the fall of  2011 it was noticed that one of the Trollhaugen Trolls was acting a kind of strange.  At the time we did not think much of it. Perhaps, he had been eating the man-made snow or maybe he just caught a touch of  the Troll Flu. Either way we were not to worried, but then things started to get weird. He was not sleeping, and started running around at all hours of the night moaning and gowning.  It was not until this spring of 2012 that we knew something was horrible wrong. To our surprise we found three trolls feasting on the carouse of a Pink Yard Flamingo. That’s when we knew it was time to prepare. Prepare for a Zombie Trollocalypse August 18th, at Trollhaugen.  Who knows when T-Virus might spread to Humans. For more info visit zombierally.com

Toll photos from Thezombiegnomes.com

What is the Zombie Rally?

The Zombie Rally is a multi-level, 4-hour game of scenario-based survival tag. Safety checkpoints will give players a just slightly better than slim chance at surviving as the ranks of the undead swell. Survive, and be rewarded. Find and kill a House Zombie you will be entered to win a $100 gift card and some other great prizes. Get tagged, and become lunch…

How do I sign up?

Space Is Truly Limited to maintain the spirit of the game! Don’t wait… REGISTER ONLINE HERE or just show up!

How Much Does it Cost?

$23 August 1 or $28 at the door.

When is the Zombie Rally?

Sign In / Registration: Starts at 11AM, closes around 12:30.
The Game Starts at 1PM
The Game Ends at 5PM
Post Game Festivities:  6PM