Burton 13 Video Premiere – Minneapolis, Minnesota

The crowd turned out for Minnesota’s Burton 13 Video Premiere.  Free brats and cold beverages were the next best thing behind the actual movie.  Burton’s 13 showcased everything you could want in a snowboard flick.  From steep face pow descents, to backcountry booters, and a few jib, park, and pipes shot sprinkled in everyone saw what they wanted.

Hot Dawgz & Hand Rails

Bear Mountain’s Hot Dawgz & Hand Rails is going down this Saturday, September 22nd  at 2pm. Vendors will be setting up their booths between 10:30-11:30. So if you want to get some free swag, get there early!

Nike Snowboarding Project

Anticipation is building as the countdown to winter begins. Whether you’re reminiscing about your best day or watching your favorite shred flick on repeat, winter is right around the corner. This year Nike teamed up with Joe Carlino, Brad Kremer and Justin Hostynek to create short films focusing on a three different aspect of snowboarding.

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Shaun White Arrested


Photo:  Metropolitan Nashville Police Department

Golden Child Turns Bad Boy

Put your hands together for Shaun White’s PR Director.  By winning 2 Winter Olympic Gold Metals, 24 X Games Metals, and receiving the inconceivable perfect score,  somehow Shaun White lost a considerable amount of respect.   Since the launch of Shaun White Inc’s failed attempt in the scooter market, there needed to be major changes.  Back at HQ his team devised a plan:  Get Shaun more street credit A.K.A. Mission Tomato Fling.

Shaun White Inc’s PR Department knew they had to keep Shaun safe all while making him look bad as ever, hence the location…Nashville.

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That’s So Skate Tour Video Premiere – #thatssoskatetour

If you want to see local love go to any Working for the City Video Premiere.  After what seamed like months on the road, the Working for the City crew arrived back in Minnesota from their Oregonian tour to film a fun skate/lifestyle vid titled ‘That’s So Skate Tour”. Read More