One Run – Austin Smith – Nitro Snowboards

Austin Smith at Big Bear

Nitro Snowboards has been releasing One Run clips for a while.  They’re not really called edits because One Run is a raw unedited shot of a rider from the top of the mountain to the bottom.

Here is One Run with Austin Smith cruising through Big Bear on the second lap of the day.  He looks like a fun guy to ride with.



Stride Gum – Shaun White Commercial

Shaun White Commercial

Shaun White plays on a completely different field than every snowboarder who has ever lived.  Love him or hate him, it won’t affect what Shaun is capable of.

I’m glad Stride Chewing Gum understands humor.  What’s funnier than a gum company sponsoring a snowboarder?  A gum company that makes fun of the snowboarder they sponsor.

Technical Outerwear For You Face – Wilow Facemasks

Wilow Facewear was born in 2007 with one goal in mind, to build a better facemask for skiers and snowboarders alike. After being consistently disappointed in the facemasks on the market, the guys of Wilow Facewear decided to develop their own facemask. Drawing on technology and materials that go into the rest of your outerwear gear, Wilow developed a mask that was designed with comfort AND functionality in mind and thus the Technical Outerwear Facemask was born.

Wilow Facewear Tech:

  1. Breathe EZ Zone: Strategically placed athletic mesh on the inside of our masks.
  2. Ergonomic-Fit: Will masks are concave in one direction only, our masks are concave in two direction
  3. Snap-N-Cinch System: Wilow adjustment system is an industry first. Simply snap the mask shut and cinch the mask tight.
  4. Magna-Snap System: With commercial-grade magnets to snap shut, stay tight, and never get clogged with snow.

Wilow masks are handmade in Minnesota and are packed with innovative features such as: water/wind resistant outer shell, insulating Polar Fleece inner, a Breath-Easy-Zone, and an industry first Snap-N-Cinch system that is fully adjustable. Wilow’s Technical Outerwear offer a truly unmatched comfort and customizable fit that will make your riding more enjoyable no matter where you are, seshing rails in the Midwest or slashing pow in the Rockies. At the core of Wilow Facewear is a belief that the rivalry between skiers and snowboarders has faded: “We believe the line between skiing and snowboarding has been blurred, the rivalry has faded. Wilow support the new culture of com-RAD-ery between skiers and boarders, where creating your own style and having fun on the mountain is more important than how you get down it. Riding is about expressing yourself and having a rad time with friends. It’s about pushing yourself to new limits and making it your own. Whether you’re a skier or a snowboarder, the mountain changes your identity. We want to be a part of your transformation.” -willow Whether you’re ripping one stick or two, Wilow Facewear has your face covered. Check them out in-store or online here at The House Outdoor Gear. Connect with Wilow Facewear:

Wilow Facewear Color Ways

Connect with Willow at:, on Facebook, or on Twitter


The Peddie Files – Peter Line and Eddie Wall’s Full Video

This is by far one of the most entertaining snowboard video I have ever had the pleasure of watching. Enjoy!

Mind the Video Man – Ryan Paul Full Part

If you haven’t received an opportunity to get to know Ryan Paul, take a second and do so.  Ryan is a zany rider for Switchback Bindings that rips a little harder and a little faster than everyone else.  The Mind the Video Man shows a glimpse of what Ryan is capable of.