Jesse Kruger and Corey Millett in Our Civilization

We already posted the full version of Our Civilization, but we thought you should see some of our favorite parts; Jesse Kruger and Corey Millet.  Hopefully this will inspire you to go skate.

When The Weather Turns To $h%7, Use $*#T.

Global warming got-ya down? Don’t get all poopy about it, its bad for business.

There is not much I can say about this issue accept “the S%^t has hit the fan.”

Snow Bowl is  now the first ski resort in the world to use 100 percent  sewage effluent water to make its snow.  I have my reservations and rooted feelings about this issue which brings up some very deep questions about our love of nature and our tireless efforts to try to control it.

So if your planning going to Snow Bowl this year they are few thing you need to keep in mind:

  1. Don’t eat the yellow Snow!
  2. Only ride on days that are below Freezing.
  3. Wash your gear after riding. 
  4. Skip the Spring Fling. (Water skipping, beer and poop don’t go well together)
  5. The staff is not stoned they just have pinkeye.

Please read and advocate to your peers about your feelings and position on the subject because it is now very real. For more Information visit the

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GoldCoast Longboards – Authentic

The passion of GoldCoast’s Product Developer, Brock harris and Art Director, Dustin Ortiz make GoldCoast the authentic brand that it is.  Watch the video and take a dive into the mind and heart of GoldCoast Longboards.

Mont Du Lac – Crew Fest 2013

Mont Du Lac Crew Fest

Brennen Swanson – Dips His Car

Team rider Brennen Swanson is on a journey this winter; he’ll be driving to snowboard contests across North America.  At each stop Brennen is dipping his car a different color.  It’s pretty cool stuff.