Xavier De La Rue New Movie 2012 – White Noise

Rossignol team rider Xavier De Le Rue is considered by his peers to be one of the best big mountain rider. In this video, Xavier reveals himself intimately and exposes his feeling about his life and where he keeps on getting the motivation to push his own limits and why snowboarding represent his reason to be. If you want some more unbelievable backcountry action check out Xavier video from last year - THIS IS MY WINTER.

White Noise features Xavier de Le Rue, Victor de Le Rue, Samuel Anthamatten and Johan Jonsson.

Hyped! Dominik Wagner Full Part


I thought you’d want to see Dominik Wagner’s Hyped! Bonus Part/Full Part…it’ll make you Hyped!  Dom does it all on his lovely Nitro and you could too, maybe.

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Six Shooter – Bow-Reel (November Tape) Edit #1

This is the first of many drops to come from the Six Shooter crew.  Raising hell in Truckee and Boreal is all these guys do.  If you’ve never been to Boreal, bring your snowboard there, it’ll like it.  The House team riders Hunter Murphy and Easton Gilman don’t take riding too seriously, and the Bow-Reel shows what snowboarding is supposed to be about, having fun.

Riders in order of appearance:  Casey Pletz, Brady Lem, Ricky Koukal, Dash Kamp, Romi Kristl, Clayton Wenner, Hunter Murphy, and Easton Gilman


Rodney Mullen – Ollie Inventor

Rodney Mullen – Skateboard Innovater

It all started with a little thing called a skateboard, and Rodney Mullen did something great with it.  He invented the Ollie. It may not seem like much now, because it’s such a stock trick (perfected with time of course), but at the time it was revolutionary; much like all the other tricks he innovated.  In the jock world it would be similar to the guy how dunked the first basketball, or hit the first home run.  Thanks Rodney.