Columbia Wallawalla Hiking Shoes

Lightweight multi-functional shoe, perfect for hiking and light running in any condition.

I got the Columbia Wallawalla 2 Mid Hiking Shoes last month and have been wearing them everyday on since. Soon after picking up a pair of th Wallawallas I left for Alaska to hike around Ketchikan.  Ketchikan, AK gets some serious rain, approximately 14ft/year (yeah I said 14 feet of rain per year). These boots have held up exceptionally well.

There is no doubt the boots have gotten wet on the inside. When they do however they dry rapidly. Not to mention they were seemingly broken-in as soon as I slipped them on, the ankle support was what I was looking for while carrying a hefty pack, and they are comfortable enough to wear like running shoes. I’ve been wearing them as casual shoes around Ketchikan and even on my city jogs.

Yeah, I’ve been jogging in my Wallawallas when not on the hiking trail. They’re light enough, and all you have to do to convert them is drop them down a couple eyelets.

Just saying from my experience, the Wallawalla Hike Shoes ares ready for excursions of all types.

 Features of the Columbia Wallawalla:

  • UPPER: Combination suede leather, textile and synthetic upper. .
  •  Multi-density Techlite MIDSOLE: Under foot for exceptional cushioning and support.
  •  Omni-Grip OUTSOLE: non-marking outsole designed for a variety of trail surfaces.

Something For Ya’ Tape Deck

Today’s Something for your Tape Deck is brought to you by: Carbon Carousel
The Late rapper, author and teacher Eyedea (Mike Larson) had a little known grunge band in Minneapolis that I was lucky enough to have the privilege of seeing live many times. Needless to say this is some of the best throwback 90′s grunge rock on the planet all while being 100% original. Enjoy.

Nitro Snowboards – Hyped! – Austria Full Part

You’ve already seen the Hyped! teaser, now take a look at the Austria full part.  High fives for fun times with Nitro Snowboards.

“Must Be Nice” DC Snowboarding Free Online Screening!

Well you missed the online premier of DC’s new movie “Must Be Nice”! The first DC Snowboarding film since “Mtn Lab 1.5″ in 2008. Riders Include: Devun Walsh, Torstein Horgmo, Iikka Backstrom, Lauri Heiskari, Aaron Biittner, Ryan Tiene, and Anto Chamberland.

If you missed it or want to see it again, you can download it form iTunes for $7.99.

Get To Know Your Skateboard

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