Danny Kern & Kenny Peterson Footage

Here’s a little fun footage of Danny Kern, Kenny Peterson, and their friends.

Team Rider Kaitlyn Farrington Talks About Life

Did you hear that Maxim Magazine placed Kaitlyn Farrington on the Hottest Snow Bunnies list?  Yeah, it’s true.  Not only that, Kaitlyn has won the US Open, Euro X Games, and the overall Dew Tour tour.  She’s a down to earth girl who loves snowboarding enough to make it here career; and frankly Kaitlyn does a damn good job at it.  Take a peek into what’s going on in her world.
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FIS Snowboard World Cup 2012

The 2012-2013 FIS Snowboard World Cup officially started at Cardrona Alpine Resort in New Zealand on August 24th.  Kelly Clark (USA) and Ryo Aono (JPN) took the halfpipe top spots.  This World Cup launches the beginning of the 2014 Sochi Russia Olympic Games qualification period.  Close your eyes and imagine Ryo stomping the crap out of an Air to Fakie Tail, Cab 10 Lien, Front 900, Back 12, to Front 10 Nose…yeah that happened and he got a 92.75 from the judges.

House team riders Kaitlyn Farrington and Brennen Swanson rode in the event and killed it.  Kaitlyn finished in 8th place behind other US riders Kelly Clark (1st) and Hannah Teter (4th).  Brennen’s  Michaelchuk Nose, Front 10 Double Indy, Cab 7 Indy, Front 9 Tail, to Back 9 Mute run placed him in 7th behind only two other US rider; Matt Ladeley (4th), and Scotty Lago (6th).

We’re totally phyched to support and be supported by our team!  Yeah guys!


“The Killing Season: A Motorbike Trip Through Vietnam,” (Full Video)

If you are from the west and have ever been to Asia, you know exactly how everything seems so backwards from what your used to.  There seems to be this insane feeling of organized chaos.  Scooters and rickshaws and motorbikes and buses and trucks and people hauling carts and scooters and more scooters and more scooters!  It’s mind bending to say the least.

With any trip to a far away land there are up’s and downs that shape the trip.  Memories good and bad as a whole create and ultimately shape the experience.  You learn from your mistakes and your successes, whether it be taking the wrong train, ordering food by just pointing to a random scribble on a menu, eating at an open air market with no concept of what, in, the ,hell , this strange creature you are going to eat might be and worst of all, a glass of water that will send you to the latrine (if there is one) for a few days.

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Cable Park Contest – This Sunday!

This weekend skip the crowds at the State Fair and join us at the Vision Wake Park in Isanti MN for the last contest of the season!