Too Hard | With My Hoes

Too Hard Snowboarding

Danyale Patterson’s Too Hard crew pushes it to the limit.  Traveling across the country on an almost nonexistent budget these girls work hard to get every shot. Call it a shot in the dark but Too Hard will be throwing hammers a long way into the distant future.

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Ski Race Fails

Epic Ski Crashes

With risk comes reward.  With risk comes failure.  Turn back of the hands of time 40 years to watch epic high speed ski race fails and crashes.

For epic ski wins check out what we have in stock HERE.

Strange Brew | Serious Delirium Movie

Serious Delirium Full Movie

When the Strange Brew comes through they come through hard.  Being in a van crammed with eight of the of the gnarliest riders on the planet will melt anyone’s brain. After a month and a half straight on the road shooting Serious Delirium everyone lost their minds and you will to after you see the ender.

Craig Cameron, Chad Blav, Nate Blomquist, Jake BRaseth, Ian Daily, Keenan Cawley, Devin Allen, Tommy Gesme, Jasper Tripp, Hunter Murphy, Samuel Garneau, Andrew P., Armeen Pirooz, Jacob Casler, Richard Koukal, Johnny Brady, Casey Pletz, Andy Latterner, Aidan Flanagam, Alex Fuzi, 1080° Brady Lem, Jason Hergert, Paul Heran, Danny Kern, and Sponzo

Danny Kern

Additional Filming:
Nate Blomquist, Beams, Ryan Sheets, Casey Pletz, Hunter Murphy, Macgruber, Colton Feldman, Sammy Spiteri, Keenan Cawley, Rob Balding, and Your Mom

Volcom PBRJ at Trollhaugen

Volcom Peanut Butter and Rail Jam Stop #6

Volcom Logo - Wild In THe ParksVolcom knew that when the sixth PBRJ stop at Trollhaugen got scheduled that history was going to go down.  Over the last decade Volcom has been ran the PBRJ contest, but none have held the weight that Trollhaugen did.  With hammer after hammer being thrown throughout each group and select feature, only a few stood on top.  Huge props to the Trollhaugen Park Crew, Volcom, and all the riders who showed in the -10° temp.


15 & Under Division:
1st: Nick Irwin
2nd: Brandon Kirkland
3rd: Gabe Gilbertson
4th: Andam Kaye
5th: Trent Bosak

16 – 21 Division:
1st: Eli Lamm
2nd: Cole DiMeglio
3rd: Garrett McKenzie
4th: Emit Salokar
5th: Grady Tank

Girls Division:
1st: Kristin Jessen
2nd: Kayli Hendricks
3rd: Jessi Huege
4th: Hannah Peterson
5th: Missy McAlpin

Open/AM Division:
1st: Mike Skiba – $250
2nd: Kyle Kennedy – $150
3rd: Zach Monte – $100
4th: Sam Schiltgen
5th: Benny Milam

Volcom Snowboard – Jesse Mickelson

Rev’d Rider: $100 – Cole Linzmeyer

Electric “Gooyest Move Of The Event” $50 and Electric Shades – Logan Herber

Trollrotten at Trollhaugen

Yawgoon Marcus Rand’s recent trip to Trollhaugen sure was worth it.  There’s been a countless number of Troll edits that have surfaced over the last five years and this may be the heaviest.  We full support #turntrollhaugenpro

Featuring in order of appearance: Jeffy Gabrick, Austin Young, Logan Herber, Kyle Kennedy, Tony Wagner, Hunter Murphy, Benny Milam, Mike Gray, Garret Mackenzie, Mike Skiba, Kayli Hendricks

Film/Edit: Marcus Rand
Song: Method Man and Redman- “Ayo”