Insane Mountain Bike First Decent

[vimeo 126415912 w=730]

Harald Philipp’s 2014 first decents of the Via Ferrata Benini (steel cable route), Vidi, and Sentiero Orsi trails in the Brenta Dolomite mountain range in Italy’s northeastern province of Trentino on a mountain bike is absolutely incredible.   Constantly overcoming fear and pushing forward while death lingers around every corner is something that very few people will pursue.  Harald did and it’s great to see the footage.

1 - Harald Philipp

Harald Philipp was born and raised by a mountaineering family and by the time he was 8 years old his heart was racing to be in the mountains.  Harald moved  out of competitive cycling (CC-Racing, Freeride, and Downhill) into a new genre that he created called Bike-Mountaineering.  Bike-Mountaineering is hiking up a mountain and riding the bike down; which sounds simple enough unless it’s done in the Brenta Dolomite range.

Film: Harald Philipp
Drone: Christoph Thoresen
Music: Luke Atencio – Barracuda



Freestyle Cross Country Skiing


Crossing the threshold between freesking and nordic skiing is a handful of Norwigian winter sport enthusiasts.  With what looks to be one of the best Freestyle Cross Country Skiing edits around these lads do more than tricks at Tryvann’s Vinterpark in Oslo, Norway; they break down barriers on what’s possible on nordic skis.  When will the first nordic ski race be finished on alpine skis?

Riders: Hardal Astrup Arnesen, Kristian Aalerud, Eirik Bruland, Ferdinand Aagenes, Nikolai Arnesen, Thomas Berge Foyn
Film/Edit: Kristian Aalerud

Epic Natural Waterslide


Imagine riding a Skimboard down this epic natural waterslide!  :/


2015 Windsurf, SUP, and Bike Swap – Saturday May 9th


Too Hard | OMG

[vimeo 126588006 w=730]

Too Hard does it again with their latest release of OMG.  Saving the best for last Kayli Hendricks pushes the entire series onto the next level.

Riders: Fancy Rutherford, Taylor Elliot, Danyale Patterson, Marjorie Couturier, Joanie Robichaud, Maria Thomsen, Maria Hilde, Dina Treland, Kayli Hendricks

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