Connery Lundin 2014-2015 Season Edit

Enjoy the story of my 2015 ski season. From shredding powder in Jackson Hole, to sunny park skiing in Squaw Valley & Mammoth, to winning the Subaru Freeride Series overall title while getting 1st place in Telluride and receiving the Sickbird Award… “twenty15” could not have been a better and more fun season.
Thanks to all those who made this year what it was. Hope you enjoy!

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Edited by: Connery Lundin
Music: “Brest Bay” – Stand High Patrol

Diggers XV Ender

[vimeo 138878496 w=730]

Even in this summer’s infancy at the beginning of June, the Palmer Snowfield looked to be a runt.  Less than average snowfall on Mt. Hood in the 2014/2015 season meant only one thing, long walks to Miracle Mile, lots of salt, and awesome side-hits.

Optimism was the key to a rider’s fun this summer, need proof?  Look at all of those smiling faces.

Riders ||  Jeff Deforge, Justus Hines, Joey Vig, Kyle Kennedy, Cullen Berklau, Kody Williams, Jeffy Gabrick, Trevor Tollefson, Tony Wagner, Jake Rose, Chris Frost

Created By ||  Ben McCabe & Ryan Finder


L1 Americana Teaser

L1 AMERICANA is a snowboard movie that captures the way our team snowboards, how, where, why, and who they ride with. Watch Brandon Hammid, Sam Taxwood, Lizard King, Justin Keniston, Dominik Wagner, Billy Mackey, Zebbe Landmark,  Blake Geis, and many others explore the unknown streets of Eastern Europe, MidWest, Scandinavia, Canada, and every little town in between. This is Americana Snowboarding.

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Red Bull Hardline | Gee Atherton POV

Last year’s Red Bull Hardline MTB track was one of the most demanding ever seen, pushing the sport of downhill mountain biking to the limit. Huge rock gardens, giant slab rolls, tight wood sections, technical natural features and the now infamous road gap created a track to push downhill racing to the next level.

This year, Dan Atherton set about raising the bar once again. Here we see Dan’s brother and former World Champion, Gee Atherton, testing the track for the first time, giving us a glimpse of what the riders will experience this weekend.

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686 Seconds | Teaser

[vimeo 138157061 w=730]

1 - 686-logo-120-2-07Caution: Watching this may cause you to want to go snowboarding. 686 Technical Apparel presents 36 minutes of snowboarding through the collective third eye of the youth – an experimentation of moving imagery pushing progression, set to auditory reverberations. Filmed in the streets and mountains of the USA, Canada, France, Austria, Russia and Japan by the 686 team.

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