Chairlift Rap

Lif’ Ticket speaks the truth in his chairlift rap Footrest.

Jeremy Jones is now on Nitro Snowboards!

Sam Taxwood, Jeremy Jones, Justin Kenniston

Nitro Snowboards is proud to introduce Jeremy Jones to the team!

Salt Lake City, UT – Feburary 2016 – Nitro Snowboards (Rider Owned), the 27 year old snowboard brand is thrilled to announce its newest addition to the family – Jeremy Jones, one of the most influential snowboarders of the last two decades.
Beyond continuing to film new video parts, acting as a brand ambassador, and slaying anything in his way Jeremy will be inspirational and instrumental in bringing new and improved products to the Nitro Snowboards line. “Jeremy is hands down one of the most influential and progressive snowboarders of our time and continues to push boundaries year after year, because he absolutely loves everything about snowboarding and having a good time. This is the exact reason we wanted to partner up with Jeremy to help us continue our goal of spreading the passion that snowboarding is to us at Nitro.” said Knut Eliassen, Nitro Team and Marketing Manager.
Jeremy is a perfect fit to the Nitro slogan “Built For Good Times”, and is an amazing ambassador of snowboardings heritage and future of innovation at Nitro. He is one of the originals, style innovator, trick master, film part legend (from Simple Pleasures, Decade, Resistance, Shakedown, and the list goes on), and one of the few snowboarders who have set the standard of snowboarding several times throughout his career. He has a place in history as the king of all around snowboarding, from the streets to the backcountry. We look forward to what he has next for snowboarding and Nitro.
“Nitro has been a part of SLC for as long as I can remember, that history alone is something rad to me.  The team is stacked from the Powder Hounds to the Street Monkeys.  Its lit and I’m hyped to get hyped by all these fools.” – Jeremy Jones. Nitro snowboards has had its roots in Salt Lake City for years because of the amazing mountains just 30 minutes away. This year Nitro Snowboards is making another Team movie, the third one since Hyped! and The Bad Seeds, be sure to look out for some Jeremy shenanigans. “As we all know the industry keeps evolving and changing, but having guys like Jeremy staying in the industry and going out snowboarding everyday will keep Nitro and snowboarding headed in the right path. We are proud and honored to have Jeremy Jones on Nitro.”
-Knut Eliassen

Strange Brew | Flower Petals | 2016

[vimeo 155698015 w=730]

A flower is awe-felt. A true concoction of beauty: patient, individual, and an honest expression of subtlety and reflection of one’s environment. Though the root system, stem, and leaves are vital, and, in that notion, equal in beauty; the pull of the flower derives in the petals. At first, they cocoon the bud, preparing and keeping safe the prized seeds. Then they reveal their personality in bloom. This is what most people like about flowers. And yet, no matter how much pruning and attention you give these precious ones, their time will eventually run; these poor fellas will all drop their petals.
We here at Strange Brew like to think of these photos and our correlated edit as fallen petals. These are all gems to us – yes, they are precious – and yet, they had to go. In a way, our snowboarding is just a game of “She loves me, She loves me not”. Or perhaps we see the transcendent notion of an old dandelion, whose soft white seeds are billowing in the wind, blown in one heap breath from a small child. Maybe, it’s just as simple as a buttercup under your chin, revealing not only whether or not you like butter, but also, more importantly, a smile. Now, with all that pondering properly posed, please take a moment to view our fallen petals. Read More

Climbing Baby

It’s a long way to the top if you want to rock n’ roll, especially for a climbing baby.  Good thing two year old Ellie Farmer has an early start.

Ellie could climb before she could walk and often escaped from her crib.  Her parents Zak and Rachel are avid climbers and introduced her to the climbing gym.  Despite criticism, Ellie’s parent continue to support her climbing habits.

What age do you think is appropriate for a child to start climbing? Do you think climbing on a playground set is safer than in a climbing gym?

Trollrotten 2

[vimeo 152896110 w=730]

Marcus Rand rolled through Trollhaugen, linked with the local crew, and gave birth to a beauty.

Austin Young, Logan Herber, Tanner Seymour, Kyle Kennedy, Jeffy Gabrick, Jared McDaniel, Jesse Paul, Chris “Murphy” Duncan, Bob Abrams, Ryan Paul, Mike Skiba