First Music Video In Space


First Music Video In Space

What does the first music video in space have to do with us?  Not much, beyond the random space product that we carry and that Canadian Astronaut Chris Hadfield the Internation Space Station Commander of Expedition 35 thinks David Bowie is as radical as we think he is.

With Space Oddity lyrics like “Here am I stting in my tin can far above the Moon…” there isn’t a more appropriate song that could have been the first to be  filmed in space.  Now if only Neil Armstrong would have done the moon walk… Click here to see some products that are out of this world.

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Guitar and Vocal:  Chris Hadfield (A.K.A. Mr. Sweet Stache)
Recored on board the International Space Station

Produced by Evan Hadfield
Edited by Andrew Tidby

MUSIC (Recorded on Earth)
Produced and Mixed by Joe Corcoran
Piano Arrangement by Emm Gryner

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