YouKnowMyFunction Video Permier

Its open to all ages and after the Permier Absolute Groove will be throwing down some funky grooves.

For over a year the boys at YouKnowMyFunction have been working on their first full length snowboard video. The video was shot in Tahoe, Bear Mtn, Salt Lake City, Colorado, Montana, and of course Minnesota.

YouKnowMyFunction Featuring: Jordan Daniels, Kent Leng, Cole linzmeyer, Pat Campanro, Vinny, Colin Wilson, Justin Fronius, Jeffy Gabrick, Aidan Flanagan, Eli Mcelwain, Sam Bakken, Al Binder, Jake Moore, Todd Kirby, Aaron Becker, Jesse Paul and  Scott Rutherford.

By: Sam Duncan & Brett Spurr

Supported by: The House Boardshop, Yobeat, Bern, Banshee Bungee


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