X Games may have picked up Europe, but they lost Tanner Hall


You might have heard about all this already, but if not here’s the scoop. The Winter X Games have finally decided to take it international with Winter X Games Europe. On March 10-12 the games are gonna go down at France’s ever popular ski and snowboard resort, Tignes. If you’re curious for all the details ESPN had an article about the big new adventure.


The original Winter X Games America is going to be missing a familiar face. Come January 28-31 in Aspen, Colorado we aren’t going to see Tanner Hall tearin up the scene. This is truly the end of an era as Tanner Hall was probably the biggest thing to ever happen to freestyle skiing and he has been competing at the X Games for a decade. But it’s not just the X Games he is getting away from, Tanner said he wants to step away from competitions all together and focus more on filming and other things.

This big change of heart from Tanner came after a bad crash at Stevens Pass where he fractured his tibial plateaus in each leg and might have possible ligament damage. Tanner was also going to take time to go back and finish high school. Something that kinda got pushed to the side when his ski career really started taking off. John Symms (a fellow pro skier) had an interview with Tanner where he laid it all out.

We’ll miss you at the X Games Tanner, but I’m stoked to see what you’re gonna throw down with all your focus on filming!


Click this pic for an article about some of the peeps that will be at Euro Winter X


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