Hand in Hand World Record Back Flip Attempt

Mogul freestyle skiing World Cup Champion Mikael Kingsbury, organized a group of 30 freestyle skiers  to attempt what just might be a record setting back flip attempt while holding hands.   Back in the 1970, 19 skiers set the world record at Mont St Sauveur in Quebec, Canada. Nearly 43 years later Mont St Sauverur would once again be the home for the hand in hand black flip  world record.  Mont St Sauyer allowed Mikeal to close a run and build a jump wide enough for for all 30 skiers. After two hours of practice and two attempts this rag tag bunch of skiers were able stomp a 30 person hand and hand back flip! Sadly the Guinness Book of World Records was unable to attend, so you wont be seeing this in the 2013 edition of the Guinness book of World Records.

Skipp to 4:26 second to watch the backflip

View from Behind

Mr Bernache said: “On the first try, the line broke, because we had problems with the angle of the slope that was steeper on one side than the other, so some people did not have the same speed.

“On the second try, everyone landed and the line didn’t break, everybody landed hand in hand.

“We were pretty stoked, I don’t think anybody really expected it to work that well.”

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