World Premiere of The Peddie Files

peter line eddie wall the peddie files
Peter Line and Eddie Wall are two of my favorite snowboarders. So yes, this is a bias editorial, but in this case that doesn’t make it any less accurate. The Peddie Files premiered over the weekend at Vestal headquarters, and what a way to wrap up premiere season it was.

Vestal HQ is just beyond the borders of Newport Beach, so aside from the industry cool-guys and mega-famous pro snowboarders, there was an insane amount of babes at this show, in fact, they probably outweighed the dudes. Combine the scenery with an open bar sponsored by Pabst Blue Ribbon and Sailor Jerry, and you could put a Justin Bieber music video on the screen and we’d still have a good time.

So that’s precisely what Peter and Eddie did— sort of. Bieber got the intro song locked down, setting the tone for the type of hilarity that quickly ensued once The Peddie Files started to play. This film is far and away the funniest of the season, backed up with legitimately progressive snowboarding as well.

Aside from the two stars of the show, The Peddie Files also gives air time to Parker Duke, pretty boy Johnny Paxson, Gabe Taylor, and a flock of friends like Taylor Guccione, Jared Dawoud, and more, all filmed and put together by Greg Weaver.

Jared Swilley of The Black Lips was on the tables turning tunes all night for the crowd, which was not eager to disperse once the credits rolled, sticking around to empty out the bar and try to pick up on the jump rope girls.

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  1. Eric Meyers on said:

    Snowboarder Mag just posted the entire movie on their website!

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