Working Hard For The City

Bret Spurr, Jake Moore, Jon Stark and crew are hitting the streets “Working For The City“. From the Marquette Michigan to the hill of Hyland these guy have been working hard on their new video.

Justing Fronius and Friends @ Hyland, with Craig Cameron, Aidan Flanagan, Jared Jordan, and Al Binder.

Filmed by: Brett Spurr and Jon Stark

Edited by: Jon Stark

A day at hyland with- Jake Moore, Vinny, Ethan Diess, Collin Wilson, Justin Fronius & Jordan Daniels.

Filmed By Brett Spurr

Edited By Jake Durham

One Response to “Working Hard For The City”

  1. The Doctor on said:

    Sick edit Surrberry.

    1:48 at Hyland O_o

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