Working For The City Update

Working For The City

Colton Morgan, Jordan Daniels, and Colin Wilson stopped by The House to check in and give us the run down on what’s been going down.  Besides Jordan messing up his wrist, Colin winning the Volcom PBRJ, and Colton being rad the crew has been traveling around with the whole WFTC posse.  Photographers/Videographers Brett Spurr and Jon Stark have been traveling with Jordan, Colin, Colton, Jesse Paul, Justin Fronius, Jake Moorse, Al Binder, and Dan Zinzant all across the Midwest for the past few weeks getting as many shots as possible for Working For The City 2 film that comes out next fall.

“We’re going where the snow is…” says Spurr, and that they did.  Spending 4 days in Marquette, MI riding tons of snow and running into Dan Brisse and the Absinthe Films crew, hustling Madison, WI for 4 days, and then finally slaughtering Denver and Loveland Pass, CO for a week.  Colin Wilson A.K.A. Wonderboy, flew out to CO instead of driving with WFTC because of school.  Keep your eyes out for this kid; he maybe young, he’s built like a full grown man, and rides like a powerhouse.  Oh, and Colin just won the 2012 Volcom PBRJ at Powder Ridge.

Brett is keeping all of his footage locked away in a hidden vault only to be released when the WFTC 2 comes out.  That’s right, top secret.  With the way the whole WFTC crew thrashes WFTC 2 is going to have some unreal bangers.  Stay tuned you’ll know where to find it.



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  1. What’s really up with this web site??? A very concerned wife……….

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