Wonderful Wonderful Plaid

If you’re wondering what’s gonna be in for this season or what everyone will be wearing, take a look back to the 90’s. Transworld Business has shown us that fashion has yet again taken it’s inspiration from a fad that had respectfully been laid to rest a long time ago. And I have to admit I wasn’t expecting to see this one brought back around so quickly, or at all.

The open plaid button up with a T-shirt underneath and dark or black pants to finish it off. Giving the wearer a wonderfully dirty grunge look, but this time around, unlike the 90’s, a little bit more fresh and clean cut.

Girls, they didn’t leave us out of this one. Oh yes we have all the plaid we would ever want too. Though many of our looks were of the typical “girly” rage i.e. tight tank tops, short shorts and dresses, we are given our choice of the button ups. Not as many of our button ups are in plaid (I know, it’s heart breaking) but we are given our fill of the glorious boxy print.

Yeah, there are a lot of other looks for the 2010 season other than the sea of plaid I have placed down below, but I posted all those pics just so you can get a sense of the brands that have hopped on the plaid band waggon.


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