Win A Sapient MX2 BMX Bikes on Twitter This Week!

Because we have had such a great response to the Sapient Bike Giveaways, weΒ are going to give away another Sapient MX2 BMXΒ  bike. Today we have the Sapient Lumino MXII BMX Bike in Electric Moss/Grey Haze . Just follow and mention @houseboardshop on twitter to enter to win. One random winner will be drawn on July 22th, 2011. GOOD LUCK!

Congrats to last week winners, @Ryan_Hickey22 and Bubble Guppie for his post on the blog.

“My other bike hates me when i tried to ride it it slapped me in the face and called me a turd burglar”

Bubble Guppie




111 Responses to “Win A Sapient MX2 BMX Bikes on Twitter This Week!”

  1. Julie Sharwtz on said:

    awesome bike tweeting @waterbluffy

  2. I need a new bike because my last one said he was going to get a paint job……. But never came back, lousy bike even took my money for the paint!

  3. Karla Sceviour on said:

    Awesome bike! Would love to win that for son! Hes a bike fanatic!! πŸ™‚ Im tweeting on twitter as well! (@ksceviour)

  4. Janet on said:

    What a wonderful bike. Good luck, everyone. πŸ™‚

  5. Jo Smith on said:

    I would die for that bike.. πŸ™‚ @momofbestbaby

  6. Zoe poey on said:

    My bike doesnt like me whenever i try to ride it it says hope off your too small to ride meh XD

  7. Nick on said:

    I would like this bike because this man stole mine and when he was rideing it away he said “So long little boy”

  8. Zoe poey on said:

    I would really like this bike because my bro and his friend got mine stolen. When the guy was rideing away he said “so long g@y boys”

  9. ryan murphy on said:

    bike sucks i have one its always braking and need repairs its not even good for free

  10. Peter Chin on said:

    So my friends have bmx’s and I want to convert to a bmx too because my mountain bike isnt doing me any justice at the skatepark. Wipeouts, and just getting bruised up so I would really enjoy having a good solid bmx bike. Thank you!

  11. JAKE WILSON on said:

    ok so i have been saving a my money for ever to buy a bmx. When i finally got enough i bought a one but then about 2 months later someone robs me and my friends and lost every i had on me including my bike!!!

  12. So basically Im not gonna lie about um my bike getting stolen or any of that. Basically I’m like any body else trying to win this bike and Im gonna be honest i just really want it so yes I hope I win!

  13. jacob marshall on said:

    I WAS RIDDING MY BIKE THEN IT JUST BLEW UP!!!!!!! so i need a new one πŸ™‚

  14. desperate bmxer on said:

    my parents were killed by the cartel and im left depressed at home. if i had a bike itd give me hope to live a better life for my fmaily πŸ™‚

  15. Shawna O on said:

    I would Love to win this bike to ride along the river trails and get a great workout this beautiful summer. Thanks for the chance to win.

  16. justin jong on said:

    i need this bike because my old bike got broken and i mostly use bikes for transportation because i dont drive

  17. clayton on said:

    well my sister ended up feeding my bmx bike to my shark n he has metal teeth

  18. clayton on said:

    well my bike hates me it wont let me do anything and if i try i just might loose a nut like what happened last time you dont wanna know lets just leave it at that

  19. clayton daytona on said:

    my bike stole my earrings i dont know how he got them cause i dont wear earrings

  20. Frank Masefield on said:

    I am 15 and I never learned how to ride a bike. My friend sent me this and told me I could win a free bike. So yea I just would really love it if I could win this bike and start learning. πŸ˜€

  21. clayton daytona on said:

    ryan murphy then y did you say on the other post that you cant afford a nice bike n that you get hand me down girls clothes when you said here tht you have the bike n its not even good for free jealous much?

  22. george on said:

    I have to use my moms email address thats depressing

  23. george on said:

    I was riding my bike and the koolaid man stopped me and he said I am part of the Italian mafia
    and im here to take your bike and pushed me off and rode away

  24. george bigfoot on said:

    my mom told me that when I was born I was so hairy that Bigfoot came and took pictures

  25. george redneck on said:

    Ways to tell if a redneck has been working on a computer?
    10. The monitor is up on blocks.
    9. Outgoing faxes have tobacco stains on them.
    8. The six front keys have rotted out.
    7. The extra RAM slots have Dodge truck parts installed in them.
    6. The numeric keypad only goes up to six.
    5. The password is Bubba.
    4. The CPU has a gun rack mount.
    3. There is a Skoal can in the CD-ROM drive.
    2. The keyboard is camouflaged.
    And, The Number One Way To Tell If A Redneck Has Been Working On A Computer…

    The mouse is referred to as a critter.

  26. george monthly mugging on said:

    my monthly mugging is when Justin Bieber comes every month and takes something of mine and this month is my bike and my sister and i don’t care they can have her!

  27. george batman on said:

    Batman stole my unicycle but his cape got stuck in the spokes and he landed face first in the cement way to go BATMAN

  28. george FAIL on said:

    my mom said to my grandma E.T. go home so she hoped on my bike and it failed in the end she had to have a hip replacement

  29. brons toe cap on said:

    one day I was playing with my dolls when barbie slapped me and said grow up you little monkey molester and get a real BMX bike and she is holding me hostage in her Dream house granted only one toe fits and Im stuck and she will not grease me out!

  30. goofy on said:

    my gamma ride my bike and she broke it aka it snap it and i need one

  31. dumb one on said:

    one day my bro joined a circus and and he died and we duped him in our back yarn

  32. fish sparkles on said:

    I was reaching in the candy vase i got stuck and i herd my dad coming down the hall he opened the door with a new BMX bike and he said what are you doing I said Umm classic case of had stuck in vase then dad said classic case of foot stuck up @$$

  33. fish sparkles on said:

    my dads leppercon stole by bike and he does not believe me but he will believe me when his purse with 150 dollars to buy his staleto heels is gone no more trips to the prostitute conventions mr leppercon

  34. leppercon 4546 on said:

    my dads leppercon stole by bike and he does not believe me

  35. taco on said:

    I set a fat kid on fire cause he stole my bike i ended up going to jail and i need a way to escape

  36. turd buluar 69 on said:

    my cat clawed me and said you need a new bike because your bike is broken and you only had a mongoose for 1 month and i tryed to ride my mongoose and my cat yelled at me and said you need a new bmx bike and one day i got a package from FedEx and i open it and i found a
    sapient mx2 and i just found i won that sapient mx2

  37. shamoy James on said:

    I would really appreciate if i won this bike because of many reasons.long distance walking to school, my and mom got laid off over a year now and still no work, they cant afford to waste money the important reason is that while all my friend and i are go out i have to walk while the are riding their eatern and we the people bmx bikes. thank you

  38. my bike is so stupid the weels always gets flat its not funny hahaha one time it got a flat when i was riding to my friends house and i rode over a turd and had to fix it. After that i had poopy fingers and had to eat dinner and we eat hot dogs they where brunt so it looked like a turd πŸ™

  39. tyler smith on said:

    Hi my dad recently lost his job at a steel company and because of his job loss due to employee cut backs we don’t have even have money to keep our house and because my parents are divorced i’m soon going to have to live with my mom and her boyfriend until my dad can get enough money for an apartment… we haven’t been living the life that we hoped for and because the money problem in my house he couldn’t afford to get me a present for my birthday on June 18th he hates the fact that it had happened but i understand and still love him no matter what happens to us. i just want to tell him that he did get me a birthday present and that i love him so please can you help me…

  40. turd bular 69 on said:

    my bike slapped in the face and called me a redneck

  41. turd bular 69 on said:

    Patrick star came up to me and stole my bike right from right under me

  42. clay on said:

    I need this bike because i went to the bike park on a walmart bike and got made fun of, beat up, kicked out and then banned from the park. That same bike fell apart on my way home,i left it on the side of the street and made some hobo realy happy.

  43. Elemini on said:

    So basically i farted and my bike exploded and then a giraffe barfed on my bikes pieces so I tried to pick it up but then a unicorn and peed on my bike which was acidic so my bike parts broke down more and now they are useless so yea i need a new bike =D

  44. bike freak on said:

    I need this bike because something is wrong with the one i have now. I think it may be broken but i never land any tricks and I’m always falling maybe these Sapient’s will do the trick.

  45. jacob weil on said:

    i need a new bike because my old one hated its life with me so much that it threw its self in to traffic then when i tried to get it i tripped and fell and i rolled about ten ft than i fell off a cliff and broke all my bones

  46. joenes gascot on said:

    well I have to say this sapient bike looks great,and I would say I need this bike because I’m new to riding and it’s hard out here in the Bronx new York to afford a bmx bike lol it really is,but I would love to start riding and win this bike,and deff. keep riding these sapient bikes if they ride good.

  47. Devon Corcoran on said:

    i love your website but cant aford a quality bike right now im trying to raise mony for it but selling lemonade isnt getting me anywhere . i could use a new bike because my old one stole my money and my women ill never buy a mongoose again . i think what you guys are doing is great for kids like me who cant aford a quality bike. Keep it up ill keep following you on twitter and telling my friends to check out your cite thanks again guys>

  48. joenes gascot on said:

    After I was checking them out I went for a ride on my bike and got knocked out and I had a dream I was riding one off these sapients bikes and I was making love on every bank I could hit up and grinding every rail/ledge I would see and able hit, meaning I was going in with this sapient bmx bike lol but it was only a dream unless you guys make it come true πŸ™‚

  49. shamoy James on said:

    I would really like this bike becuase my parents can afford to buy me a bike because they got laid off and secondly I have to walk long distance to school and my final reason is that while all my friends are riding I have to walk due to parents being laid off from work.I know that there are many others who want this bike but I would really like it if you gave me this bike.

  50. Jorge Garcia on said:

    I do like the color;for sure

  51. Jack Davis on said:

    My chain broke while doin’ stunts! I sure could use a durable one. If this can take some punishment, I’d love to win it!

  52. Alan lin on said:

    I really new a new bike because I need it to get to school and go to places. I cant afford a bike πŸ™ .

  53. Kamogelo on said:

    I need it because i cant ride a bmx

  54. Matt on said:

    My bmx bike now weighs 32 pounds. I’m surprised they even make bikes that heavy. But good thing my bike isn’t like getting up and slapping me in the face like some of the stories ive heard here! My bikes probabbly too fat to get up.

  55. joanthan daza on said:

    Dude i relly need this bike becuase i have this girl firend that live like 5 mile from me and its to far for me to go. Dude if u want me to get some ;). You will hook it up with the bad ass bike

  56. i need this bike because my cuzin will be turning 8 and she needs a bike and i would die to have this bike and purple is like her favorite color and well i have light purple forks and peadles and handle bars and cuz she says she wants to b just like me cuz she likes when i barspin she i guess likes purple well of course a girl thing lol and well ill buy her a bike and all but this is free and its a nice bike tht i could light her eyes up with cheer and well in 8 years i hope u guys have a car in the cuz she is gonna b driving lol hope u pick me thanxxxx!!!!!!!!!!!!

  57. simplydab on said:

    I’ve been tweeting (@simplydab). I hope to win for my son – his bike got stolen @ State and he’s missed having one and he would love a BMX bike (and, we’d invest in a better lock!).

    Thanks for the generous giveaway πŸ™‚

  58. matt on said:

    i would like to have the bike because i got a bike then 2 days later it broke!! so instead of ordering new parts i want this bike

  59. i didnt get to finish my comment before so her it is i would like to have the bike because i got a bike then 2 days later it broke!! so instead of ordering new parts i want this bike for my brother cause when i got a bmx bike he was mad that he didnt get a bike also,i was gunna give him mine but it broke when i was ridding it.The bolt the holds the fork and the bars together came loose when i was ridding and i went to turn the bars turnded but the wheele didnt!! so i would like to win this bike and give it to my brother hope u pick me:)

  60. poop on said:

    i would want this bike but i kinda need it now last week i was riding my cow named spitfire we got to the bike store and he took a poop on the bike i wanted and i got kicked out !!!

  61. daniel on said:

    i reallly need this bike i have to walk 8 miles to my job because i got in a car crash and lost my only car i really need a bike but i cant afford really need it please god bless u all.

  62. trent ouellette on said:

    i really want this bike because my stolen heist got stolen (whatta coincedince) but anyways im dead broke at the moment and im having withdrawls from not bmxing.. i really need to bmx soon or im going to freak out please help a brotha out!

  63. Tanner Maurice on said:

    well here is fact for you, I am the only sibling in my house that is black and man it sucks. Last christmas my 3 year old brother tommy got a jetpack!!!!!!!! Also my sister jennie got a new BMW ans she is 12. oh just wait till you here what i got, gold bond for my non- existent rash. man this sucks just once would i like something a little nice in my life.

  64. Carson Maurice on said:

    the thing is i save my money the whole year and got a 600 dollar stolen bike from danscomp. as soon as my mom saw it she slapped me in the bare butt and said i thought i told you not to steal from rich kids. So instead of saving up again to get a bike i entered this with my red butt. hopefully this seat doesnt hurt.

  65. carson on said:

    this is what happened. i save up all the money in the whole year and bought a 600 dollar stolen bike from danscomp. as soon as my mom saw the bike she slapped me in the bare butt and said i told u not to steal from rich she tokke the bike away and instead of saveing up to get a new bike i entered this contest. i typed all of this with my red butt so i hope it was worth it and i also hope the seat doesnt hurt.

  66. terence on said:

    hi im terence gordon i am 15 going to be 16 my dad is a truck driver and my mom does not work so that does not help me to get a bike and when my dad comes home every 3 weaks he rests so that leaves me hanging doing nothing and i have been bmxing since i was 7 so i love the thrill of doing it and he spends all the money on bills and food for him on the road so yah i watch your videos on youtube and you said leave a blog so i am and here it is so just trying to get help from you guys and love the bikes on web but if i do win this ill be shocked because i usally dont when nothing but if i do when can i have it ping thats my favorite color but im not gay not trying to hurt any peopele that i just said that word but yah thanks for telling me to leave a comment so hope i win.

  67. terence on said:

    I’m 15 turning 16 my dad is a truck driver and when he comes home he goes to sleep and that leaves me hanging doing nothing and he spends all the money on food for him on the road and bills when he gets back so that does not help me and my mom is a stay at home mom and that does not help either and if i do when ill be shocked because i usually never when nothing but if i do when can i have the bike bright pink and yah but i watch your videos everyday that’s how i found out so hope i can win want to have fun and do tricks with my friends instead of standing at the side watching hope i win.

  68. steven quirino on said:

    ive never really had a real bmx bike all my other bikes were cheap and broke in a week and i would realy love a sapiant and all my freinds bike and i dont have so i would realy apprieciate it if you let me win this bike

  69. Tanner on said:

    ok im the only person in my family who is black and it sucks. wen i heard i was being adopted by a big rich family i thought my problems were over. Last christmas my 3 year old brother Tommy got a jet pack, where do they make those!? but what i got was a bucket of fried chicken and a deflated basketball. man i am in need of some nice stuff. or a new family, but the bike would be nice.

  70. why shud i tell you on said:

    i have a sapient ordered in sapient capa razz blue

  71. terence on said:

    me again just saying please can i have the bike really need one got nothin.

  72. I was born the byproduct of a genetic cross fertilization project between Peruvian Alpacas and Aryan Super Soldiers conducted by renegade neo-nazi scientists off the coast of Madagascar.

    During the financial collapse of 2001 that left our scientific benefactors penniless, I was forcibly removed from the island and displaced to Somalia, where I was forced to fend for myself against the tyrannical warlords thriving off of the anarchy in the region.

    I was smuggled into this country as a Somalian refugee only to be apprehended by why I thought were police but in fact turned out to be a prostitution ring of specializing in the unseemly fetishes of southern Politicians.

    When I finally escaped during a Mexican Bukkake Pinata filming, I found a job at White Castle as a product tester seeing if their experimental foods caused cancer. Thankfully for me, this only happened 4 times.

    After chemotherapy and a sizable settlement from the ensuing trial, I was able to settle down in Northern Montana where I spent the last of my money building a farm to harvest Wolverine and Badger meat. This turned out not only to be difficult, but an incredibly small niche to fill.

    Now that I am penniless again, I have no way to return to the local town to pick up things like watermelon and candles from the Yankee Candle Company. If I still had both of my feet I would walk, but when the doctors replaced my foot with a cleft hoof, walking has become a pain ever since.

    What I’m trying to say is, I think I could really use a free bike.

  73. WOW, that’s inteness! Sounds like we need to do another bike giveaway. So get you twitter accounts ready, because this week we will be giving away another Sapient MX2 BMX in Popo Blue.
    Skeezy McWest, hold you head up high and never give up. Good Luck!

  74. i love bmx i always wanted a bike i watch bmx videos every chance i get

  75. Edwin on said:

    I need this bike so bad because I ordered one from the house board shop and my brother wants one so bad but we have no money to get one so that’s why I need one

  76. Corey on said:


  77. jack martin on said:

    im an inermediat BMXer and i orderd a $300 bike that took me 3 years to save up for cause my old one was trash and i only had it for a week when one of my brothers sawed it into pieces and hid it in a dumpster, i dont think i dont want to save up for another one so i want to really hope i can end up winning this one

  78. douglas on said:

    i rode my bike n i my bike just brke the forks broke n i had to get 6 stiches up by my chest

  79. jack martin on said:

    my dumbass brother threw out my brandnew $300 dollar bmx bike that took me three years to save up for

    just please help

  80. I hope I get the bike on Friday .that is the my dream bike .my parents can’t afford it for me both of them say I don’t need it.but I say I deserve one .so when I head of this on YouTube I jumped to it .and every body log on to @houseboardshop on twitter and the website www

  81. I hope I get the sapient bike it is my dream bike.log on twitter to get the free bmx bike and Wats up @houseboardshop

  82. First off I love the house board shop!!! Love this place always great things coming from here. I just wanted to pitch in my part on how I need a new bmx bike.
    See my situation here is that I need a new bmx mine the breaks broke off, also that it’s a wal-mart bmx-that I got from a pawn shop, so its a pawn shop wal-mart bmx bike. Plus the tires are worn out. and not to forget the big-BIG sprocket on it :(.
    Last I live near my high school that im about to start school at and I need a bike with breaks so I don’t get hit by a car on my bike, AGAIN. I know this contest is probably already over but if any of you at the house boardshop read this give me a some feedback, it would be greatly apreciated.

    P.S- I can’t afford a bike at all :/

  83. i would love a new bike from u guys my bike i have now is not helping me reach my full potential and if u were to send me a bike from the give away i will get better and u well help me reach my dream im 12 but i could go a long way thanks for your time.

  84. i dont live with my dad i live with my mom my bro and my sister my mom all ways said i cant bye one i might be able to by u one on your birth day but idk i had a xgame bmx bike and it got stolen right from my gerage thank u.

  85. stephen on said:

    i really need this bike because my parents died and i was adopted by a poor family. my dream is to bmx and my new poor parents cant aforrd a bike. my brother is in jail and new parents used all their money to try and bail him out he still is not out i barley ever eat. if i win this bike i will be so happy i will forfil my dream of bmx thank u i hope i win

  86. Jones Long on said:

    I Need this bike so bad and im following you guys on twitter please help my bike is rusty and i cant do any tricks and my rims suck!! please help

  87. i would really want this bike cause ive been wanting to do bmx for so long and with this i could

  88. anthony bibeau on said:

    Hey hows it going?! i need this bike because my mommy thinks im special, and also i need a bike because a holden police officer broke my bike πŸ™

  89. anthony bibeau on said:

    i just followed you on twitter (@anthonybibeau) and dont forget that my mom think s in special. And i need a new bike because a holden police officer broke mine!! so it would be amazing to have this bike because, a special person deserves a special bike!!!

  90. brandon c on said:

    i need a bike cause my so called friend gave myn away and i havent hade a bike in about 3 to 4 years. so if i win this bike it would be a big surprise to me cause i never win anything so good luck to everyone πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ good luck

  91. elmo brabra on said:

    i need a bike cause i love to ride bikes and i love to be outside and i havent hade a bike for about 5 years cause haro got stolen from the inside of my house when we where on vication.

  92. i need a bike cause i love to ride bikes and i love to be outside and i havent hade a bike for about 5 years cause haro got stolen from the inside of my house when we where on vication.

  93. if i win this will be my frist por bike every see you later ;];];];];];];];];];];];];];];];];];];];];];];];];];];];];];];];];];];];];];];];];];

  94. Giovanni Harris on said:

    I need a bmx bike because i have worked hard for one and have never received one, my parents told me that I need to have good grades and I followed that my grades were wonderful then somehow she turned that around on me. Also i need a bmx because I want to follow on my dream of being a pro bmxer.

    I would surely appreciate it.! thanks.

  95. Giovanni Harris on said:

    never mind, but if i do win by all means let me know

  96. I kneed a new bmx bike because im riding my gay schwin that dosent even work well, all my friends are rideing there haros, premiums, sundays blah blah all those sick bikes and i feel left out. It woud be awesome if you guys could hook me up with a sapient or sumpthin cool i follow u guys on twitter thanks!

  97. Zakary Allbright on said:

    Yo brodis i need this bike for shore i broke my ankle after i snapped my fork rod. So my friend to it to get it fixed and he sold the thing

  98. hi i need this bike because my grand father got laid off and i lost everything and its just me and grandfather and he cant afford to buy me a bike and i really love sapient i haven’t had a bike before so please help all i do is sit at home and get fat and sleep i could really use an adrenaline rush so please i beg you it would really change my life.

  99. so pleeease house board shop help me out i haven’t been outside in three years im home schooled

  100. also i know everybody is sending funny or mediocore storiesbut mine is true so it would really help

  101. Armanikeys on said:

    I lov e bmx please please please pick me my old. Bike is falling apart and I need new tires too please again I need this bike

  102. Armanikeys on said:

    And my moms doesn’t have enough for a bike I suppose to get one from good will but we don’t have enough for that eather

  103. Armanikeys on said:

    And I love bmx it’s my life please I need this pik me

  104. Armanikeys on said:

    Pick me please

  105. Armanikeys on said:

    Pik me please

  106. Armanikeys on said:

    Pik me please
    Pik me please
    Pik me please

  107. Armanikeys on said:

    Please I’m like going poor almost I’m s sereouse my mom has no job and we kan beraly odors gas it’s to much for kids to go threw but I still ask please please please pik me you won’t regret it I promise

  108. Make sure to enter today’s BMX Hump day giveaway! To enter visit

  109. Paul on said:

    hey I recently started bmx and i know how this is a good bmx bike my friend recently received one and i tried it and its great and my last bike just broke and im trying to get a new one but my parents say we dont have enough money and im really trying to get a new bike so i can go and ride with my other friends but i have no bike so it would be really great if you guys could help me out with a new bike Thanks

  110. Joe Herrera on said:

    Man I’m a average joe I’m 14 and if I got this bike I wouldn’t be so average now πŸ™‚ I would like too win one of these all I ride are my shoes

  111. Dana on said:

    Keep you on the look out on FaceBook for our next BMX bike giveaway.

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