Win a Limited Edition 32 Snowboard on Twitter This Week!

Congrats to our six #FF New Year’s Eve winners who are going home with a new hoodie. For the first week of the new year we have a big giveaway for you on Twitter. We’ve got a limited editon ThirtyTwo 15 year anniversary snowboard. You can’t buy it anywhere, but you can win it here on Twitter. Check it out in the video below.

Follow @houseboardshop, mention and tell us why you NEED that limited edition 32 board for a chance to win!

24 Responses to “Win a Limited Edition 32 Snowboard on Twitter This Week!”

  1. Donna Benavides on said:

    I need the snowboard because my husband sold mine!

  2. My son would love this! He loves going snowboarding!
    Following& tweeted why I need it!

    sarahjd766 at yahoo dot com

  3. Aleksandra Pir on said:

    hey i tweeted but its in two tweets please help me :))

  4. cranepuffin on said:

    I need to win the ThirtyTwo snowboard because my nephew thinks I give him lousy gifts and that I’m nerdy. Help an auntie out!

  5. Sheldon Kinsler on said:

    I love this snowboard. I need this because I do not have a snowboard right now and I love thirtytwo.

  6. Kathy H. on said:

    I just taught my tween how to snowboard and now she wants mine or I should say she has taken it over! I need that snowboard!

  7. nolan sheardown on said:

    i need this. my board just got stolen, its the 2nd time in two years. it was a forum youngblood 🙁 please i need this soo bad 🙁

  8. thane mcclaugherty on said:

    i need this 15th anniversary thirty two snowboard because ive had the same board for over three years noww and i feel i needa uodate it a little bit so this board would make a perfect addition to my gear and i mean c mon all my other gear is thrty two besides my googles.

  9. Ken Meas on said:

    I NEED that Thirty Two snow board because its been more than two years now and I can’t progress any further than “leafing” on my current cheap, heavy, Venue Pulse board, along with the cheap, heavy triple nickle bindings. Its holding me back and snow boarding isnt how the gods intended it to be. With the new board I know I will be able to take my riding to the next level of enjoyment! Carving, freestyles, shredding down the slopes and possibly taking jumps is something I might be able to do rather than watch others do it. I represent The-House and tell everyone I know about where to get their gear because of the widest selection around! Pick me please!

  10. Hey guys I would really love if u gave me this board

  11. Because when I’m tearing the mountains up, I’ll be one of a kind!

  12. tina Helmstetter on said:

    I need this for my daughter so she can go snowboarding with her new fiance

  13. soulfliesfree on said:

    Man, I’ve been either borrowing or renting one ever since they came out. I have skis from way back in the day and if I can’t borrow or rent one I just use my skis. It would be awesome to have my own and just be able to grab it and go! 🙂 And it wouldn’t be 10 feet long like my skis 😀

  14. nancy Reid on said:

    I need that snowboard cause it looks like it would make a great emery board!
    tweetin @eyewonit

  15. My daughter NEEDS this snow board so she doesnt have to rent and try to be as good as Shaun White.

  16. I follow @houseboardshop,


  17. i need this board because my 3 year old skate banana is delaming really bad and the seasons just starting 🙁 how can i nosepress the shotgun rail with the whole front of my board delaming? help me out house :))

  18. I NEED that limited edition 32 board, because I’m an aspiring pimpmeister & my steeze will stand more correct & proper along with my 32 boots, ah yeeahh!

  19. Elizabeth V on said:

    I follow you on Twitter as Redlizzy1. I have just now had my first boarding lesson on Monday. And the instructor said I did well for a 55 year old, at least that is what I think I heard thru the laughing. Used borrowed equipment and would love my very own. And with this board, the laughing would stop. One more thing to cross off my bucket list. And the kids I couldn’t do it!!

  20. Andrew on said:

    I NEED this board because my Lib Tech Litigator is on season #9 and is in SERIOUS need of a replacement!

  21. Please pick me to win this trick snowboard!!!!!!

  22. Cameron Macdonald on said:

    I would like the snowboard because I live in Scotland and there isnt any shop for 70 miles or so from me and I’m not exactly in the money at the moment I missed out last season because of a broken wrist and no board and was totally bummed.

  23. jesse wisotzky on said:

    I deserve this snowboard because I love snowboarding and I always have and I really want to become sponored or even pro when I’m oledr, and I would love a brand new snowboard.

  24. addrienne mertens on said:

    i follow @houseboardshop
    i need one so i can go with my sis and her BF to Whistler, they go 2wice a year and i like to tag along one time! i dont have transportation down the hill. i could roll, but a snowboard would be more fun. thanx!

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