Win a Burton One-Piece Snowsuit on Twitter this week!

Congrats go out to last weeks winners, Ray Shan, Paul Maconko, Ned Smith, Daniel Trejo Serrano, and Hien Pham who are each receiving a new pair of sunglasses for our weekly Follow Friday Freebie giveaway.

This week we have a special treat for our Twitter followers, a super-stylish Burton Ronin One-Piece in a flattering “victory floral” colorway. Follow and mention @houseboardshop on twitter and tell us why you want the Burton one-piece! The winner with the best answer will be picked on Friday March 11th.

8 Responses to “Win a Burton One-Piece Snowsuit on Twitter this week!”

  1. Dale Fish on said:

    I want it because I just plain can’t handle the cold. I live where it does get cold, and I have to work outside in it!

  2. dominique on said:

    yo i need this because i like to be different and i just started snowboarding this year and i dont have the money to buy everything…

  3. Ron R on said:

    I want to win this one piece suit because I bought all my gear and tell everyone how great you guys are. For all the free publicity and free marketing I think I need to stay warm on the mountains while tearing it up. All my fellow military vets know about you, all my college buddies know about you, and every person on my facebook knows that The House Boardshop is the BEST deal in the world!
    Thanks guys….keep up the good work.

  4. James on said:

    I want this so me to can look like Powder Gorilla like Chris. He bigger than me & I look like powder orangatang, but that’s ahright, I been working out some, eat bananas, take protein powder, tribulus, Powerade, & even stretch sometimes. I stretch like nobody’s business & am destined for snow sliding/spinning/thrashing & tech pressing wizardry. Me had so many “sessions” in bedroom now that carpet’s been disappearing. Hill here in town beg for mercy so bad that snow be retreating & leaving, it can’t handle me! That’s what I be sayin’, me so bad & hard that winter can’t even hang…, but it be back, always does, stupid winter, foolish season! Every time it come, it think it can hide from me, but I always be there, just wait, lurk, poised, just wait to pounce! Be prepared winter, fear me, for you know not what you’ve come across, you’ve encountered, Snow Monkey!! :oO

    Snow Monkey need protection, fur be warm, but not waterproof, please help! Will send banana or female in exchange for graciousness…, thank you very much & have nice day, later. Oh yeah, Monkey like pretty flowers to, Jane, be still! See, peace…, :o)

  5. Adryan on said:

    Hey Guys! Be sure to get your entries in over on twitter by mentioning @houseboardshop on a twitter update with your reasons why you want to win this weeks #FF Freebie!

    Here’s the link to our twitter account!!/houseboardshop

  6. Shirley Martin-Tutolo on said:

    It is sooooooooooo cold here. I am a freezebaby. I really want to win this

  7. I’d like this for my son. He started snowboarding 3 years ago and puts all his money into his equipment and lift tickets. I’d like to know he is warm too!
    I tweeted:
    hondaray6 at hotmail dot com

  8. BoBo Yeung on said:

    I want this One-Piece because i love the color and the pattern, it reminds me of fireworks 🙂
    Very unique, noticeable yet professional looking 🙂
    Thank you so much for this giveaway!
    p.s I tweeted too =)

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