Wanna see some awesome skiing?

You guys wanna see some totally rad skiing? You have to check out the K2 trailer series, K2 Charlie.



I’ll leave it to K2 to say it best:

“The trailer for the much anticipated K2 Productions release “The Fanny Pack” is now live on K2skis.com. Don’t miss this all-star cast featuring Seth Morrison, Pep Fujas, Sean Pettit, Michelle Parker, Reggie Crist and the infamous K2 C…harlie as they will have you laughing, crying and watching this instant classic again and again.”

The Fanny Pack is the introduction of all the characters in the Charlie Adventures, and is huuuuularious, and their goal, Making ski bums like you. They are going to have a new trailer out every month so don’t miss ’em.

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