Volcom Swimwear Fashion Show

Volcom Swimwear

Around this same time last year, Volcom went ahead and turned their Costa Mesa headquarters into a giant party bisected by a runway full of bikini-clad babes. Apparently, the venue was a little too close too home, they didn’t want to clean up, or they just needed a bigger place for a bigger party because this year the show is headed to downtown Los Angeles.

Volcom will be premiering their spring 2011 lineup at the Cooper Design Building this Thursday and if they’ve got the same crowd, the same open bar, and the same free pizzas and candy then it’s sure to be another amazing night. Volcom is one of those mega-companies that still seems to be able to hold it down on the local level, meaning that this is going to be an A-list event for the entire Southern California surf scene.

The spring line features input from female rocker Jennifer Herrema, the leading lady from RTX. She has previously worked with the stone on their road tested denim series due out this holiday season, and she did such a bang up job that they let her style up some swimwear as well.

The doors open at 7pm and the show starts at 9pm, so go easy on those free drinks long enough to remember how good the ladies are looking. You can get all the recon you need over at www.volcomfashionshow.com, as well as RSVP for the event.

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