Volcom #IP2 Video Premiere

As the video premiere season slides further along into the greatly anticipated snow season all who participate see bonds of friendship and community grow deeper within the soul of Midwest snowboarding.  It wasn’t until the Volcom #IP2 Video Premiere that people started to get extremely excited about riding; maybe it was the cool weather that floated in or maybe it was the uniqueness that makes every Volcom video, well distinctly Volcom.

There’s an unbreakable bond in the Midwest – each rider, rep, and shop employee holds a piece of the jigsaw puzzle that makes us whole.  A willingness to never drop the passion of riding is the glue that holds it tightly together.  Volcom will forever be a company that’s a crucial ingredient in that passion.

The main face behind Volcom is Emmet Klocker; if you have a chance thank him for is dedication to this thing we all love so much, snowboarding.

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  1. Thank you Emmett.

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