Union Flite Pro Snowboard Bindings – The House EXCLUSIVE

Flite Pro Exclusives You won’t find these bindings anywhere else!  Seriously.  Union Snowboard Bindings teamed up with The House to create an ULTRA EXCLUSIVE (100 pair) snowboard binding, the Union Flite Pro.  The Flite Pro is a combination of the best parts of the Union DLX, Contact, and Flite snowboard bindings. The Union Flite Pro highback thrashes from the DLX offering support and tweakability.  Uber comfy straps and big bite ratchets are slashed off the Union Contact and the Flite Pro’s footbed and chassis originate from the lightest binding in the line, the Union Flite. Some are calling The House EXCLUSIVE Union Flight Pro by a different name, The Beast.  With sparkling green eyes and gloss black hair the Union Flite Pro is going to devour everything you can feed it.

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