Twitter Giveaway

Congrats to @jdnorthwest! Hope your son enjoys his new bike. Next week we will be giving a way something very special. A one of a kind wake skate with original artwork by our very own Matt Guf.

6 Responses to “Twitter Giveaway”

  1. give it 2 me or else. cause if u dont my Big brother will throw me in the ocean and hold me under untill the bubbles if u want 2 save a life please give it 2 me.

  2. my family really hasent had the money to pay the money for me to get anything and i was hoping i would get luckey for once and get this i would like it a lot and it would be very fun to have around

  3. corncake on said:

    it would be really awesome if I won it because my family lives in the sewer and has no money and i would very much appreciate it.

  4. ryan murphy on said:

    please can i have it cause i rlly want to start wakeboarding even though i live like 1oo miles from the beach i wanna try

  5. If i win it will be the best part of my day every day because we dont have cable or tv andd my parents cant afford a bike

  6. i would really like to hae it becuz if i dont have it i will be mad becuz i wanted on sinse i was 7 and i always wanted to get sponserd

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