The NSJ Crew new track “Khaki Pants”


What happens when you take a bunch of  Minneapolis kids in a after school program and let them have freewill? Well…you get the Lord Of The Flies. But in this amazing  program you get something spectacular!  The NSJ Crew might be small in size like Muggsy Bogues;

Muggsy B.

But with over 7 million views on their debut song “Hot Cheeto’s & Takis” the now anthem of the spicy snacks.  These kids are not only getting big, but doing something big as well.   A back to school jam for Kmart?  Yep!  They have one called “My Limo” which is all about hitting the bus and heading back to school with swagger and style.

The North Side YMCA after school programs co- directors Ralph Jones and J.T. Evans who in their previous line of work were music producers themselves, took a different direction with their young pupils energy, sometimes over the top, to harness something that was creative and educational. Teaching their kids real world skills like collaboration, video editing, promotion and self expression. These kids could be just running around a gymnasium sweating and throwing balls at each others faces until it’s time for them to go home, as is the case at most after school programs. But at this special Northside community center something is happening where self expression and limitless creativity are embraced rather than pump these kids full of Ritalin.

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