The Interior Plain Project Harrow Snowboard

Harrow Snowboard

Pressing and popping is no match for The Interior Plain Project Harrow Snowboard; this deck does it all.  Locking in presses and snapping ollies comes with ease from the minimalist 2mm camber and nose & tail carbon stringers.  Dream of a deck that conquers everything and you’ll be dreaming of the Harrow.  Make note The Interior Plain Project Harrow Snowboard only comes in 2 sizes; 147cm and 152cm

The Interior Plain Project Harrow Snowboard


3 Responses to “The Interior Plain Project Harrow Snowboard”

  1. Cryptwalker on said:

    I liked interior up until now. They seemed to be all about what’s good for snowboarding. Locally made, (Canada)
    Sold only through good community growing shops, and dedicated to personal healthy consumer contact.

    But now they are stocking the house?
    Doesn’t that kinda go against everything you guys stand for?

  2. @cryptwalker on said:

    the house is a local shop too but with a huge online store as well. They have helped alot of locals riders way more than really gay online stores like dogfunk. They help the scene in a positive way as much as they can for a huge online store. Also every one has to hustle a little bit every now and then.

  3. Well Cryptwalker, thanks for liking us at all. We consider The House a part of our local specialty retail outlets. They employ snowboarders who are just as passionate as you or I. They support local riders and crews. I personally have a bunch of homies who work the floor there. I want them to be able to have a chance to be a part of The Interior Plain Project. If you walk in the door it’s just like your favorite local shop. It’s some riders’ favorite local spot. It’s pretty simple- we view all our retailers as positive purveyors of snowboarding. The House sells online but so do a fair number of our other doors. I personally feel like The House is one of the most responsible larger online retailers, but those are my feelings; you’re surely entitled to your own.

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