The Coolest Snowboard Thing I Own

The Coolest Snowboard Thing I Own

I’ve realized after snowboarding for 19 years, that when you’re thoroughly submerged in a riding lifestyle you’ll begin to collect a massive amount of memorabilia.  How could I decide what is the coolest piece I own?  Of course my first deck, a 139 Gnu Skidder, is my favorite.  It’s the deck I learned how to carve, spin, and slide on.  I have 19 decks, a vast collection that includes Shawn Palmer’s last pro-model on Sims and a Brunswick Snurfer.  Could any of those be the coolest?  No.  Piled in boxes I have contest bibs from around the world, heaps of medals & trophies, and vintage leashes from Aunt Mable’s & Beacon.  How about those?  Nope.

After searching through “my get ready to go snowboard room” I realized the answer was right around my waist.  My USSA Grand Prix belt buckle is the coolest snowboard thing I own.  I wrapped up the 05’/06′ season by coaching a group of kids at USSA Grand Prix Mountain Creek Tour stop in New Jersey.  Every rider and coach got a belt buckle, but what makes this more unique than its limited quantities was the timing.  The Mountain Creek Grand Prix was the contest that determined who would qualify onto the US Halfpipe Team for the 2006 Winter Olympics in Turin, Italy.  Feeling the energy at the awards ceremony has been unparalleled by any other event I’ve been to.

This belt buckle is the coolest things I own.



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  1. Johan on said:

    Memories are best.

  2. Respect, that one looks really cool and with that memories … AWESOME

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