The Cold War is Back On

Spring Time With Denis Leontyev from dasha nosova on Vimeo.

Bonus hitting up Head Jib Factory by Alex Tank in Germany and DC Kirovsk Lab in Russia.

When most people think of Russia, images of fur coats, communism and vodka come to mind, but beyond the stereotypes brought about by a few too many Bond movies there would appear to be quite the shred scene as well. Allow us to introduce you to Denis Leontyev. This comrade has evaded recruitment by the KGB and learned himself a few tricks along the way. This little montage is all park stuff, but judging by his control and fresh tricks, there ought to be a full part in the works somewhere.

This nineteen-year-old even has his self-marketing on point, sporting a blog replete with sneak peak photos and video footage from all the contests and cool stuff him and his bag of tricks get to do. Go check it out at and don’t worry, its in English. One look at the first video will have you watching for hours, and undoubtedly looking for a part-time job so you can save up pennies for the summer camps in Oregon and try to get some of these maneuvers on lock. Denis has a dream list of sponsors backing him too— Forum, Special Blend, Gravis, Nixon, Frends, and Block Monkeys. Gotta give it up for  the Frends crew, extending that olive branch and likely avoiding a second Cold War.

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