Snowboarder Superpark Day Four: Progression

Day four of Snowboarder Magazine’s Superpark 15 at Mt. Bachelor, Oregon was, in our opinion, the most progressive day yet. Tricks that most wouldn’t even think possible were had, and Mother Nature most of liked it because it stayed bluebird despite the forecast of a cloudy day.

It’s pretty much safe to say that Arbor rider Scotty Vine didn’t strap in his back foot the entire week. Between one-footing the hip channel, the mega-downrail and an (almost) impossible frontside seven on the boreal booter it would be a safe bet to say that Scotty rides better with one foot strapped in than most anyone with both feet strapped in.

Scotty Vine, the man, the myth, the legend. Superpark standout of the year?

House Boardshop team rider Brennen Swanson got some upside-down time in coming off the cannon booter.

This guy was seriously popping off the Boreal jump. Wish we knew his name…

So much more after the jump…

We’re pretty sure Brennen is more comfortable upside-down than right-side-up.

Whenever a mega-session is about to go down riders and industry folks start to come out of the woodwork to lurk.

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