Shoe Review | Etnies Sheckler 4 Durability Report

Shoe Review Durability Report

Etnies Sheckler 4 With 50 Hours of Skating

Deciding on a new skate shoe is tough isn’t it? There’s so many to choose from, and every company makes their newest kicks sound like they’re bound to revolutionize your personal bag of tricks. They all come out of the box fresh as the farmer’s market, but what’s going to happen to them after you beat ’em up for a few weeks? Allow us to shine some light on your dilemma by reviewing the Etnies Sheckler 4.

This particular shoe has a solid month of skating on her, at an hour or two about every day, the odometer on these premium skate shoes is running at about fifty hours. Let’s break down the features first. Aside from being personally designed and tested by Mr. Ryan Sheckler himself, the S4 has a one-piece toe cap, double-wrapped vulcanized sole, System G2 Platinum material in heel, as well as a STI molded PU footbed.

Etnies Sheckler 4 ShoeWhat that all means, is that these will cushion your landings, support your heel, and wear down slower than the average shoe all at the same time. As you can see from the photos, the double-wrapped vulcanization provides an extra buffer zone to keep the suede from getting too worn out right away, and the top cap is barely even scuffed up yet. The X-patterned stitching in the kickflip zone combats wear there, and the suede used here is pretty tough on its own.

The double-wrapped vulcanization is a huge player in the durability of the Sheckler 4, and as far as we’re concerned it should be standard on every shoe that drops from here on out. The sick colorway here is a custom job, but we’ve got them in Black/Blue or Red/White/Black, and in honor of the supreme durability the Etnies shoe scientists have infused into these, they’re going for a cool $49.95, and come with a free Get Real DVD or a pair of socks.

Etnies Ryan Sheckler Skateboard Shoe

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  1. these are hella dope

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