Shaun Update!

A little while ago I posted about Shaun White’s Project X and his “secret new moves”. And our boy Brennen Swanson, who was down in New Zealand, made a comment that may have gone a little something like this, “he’s doing… front 12, cab 12, dub cork 10, cab dub cork 10, backside dub cork 10, dub alley oop back rodeo.. and some sick switch back 9’s… no need to wait for november 3rd! haha”

Well, the Project X site revealed a little about his new moves on Nov. 3 like they said they would, but they didn’t reveal all. My main man Conan talked to Shaun and he said he still had some secret new moves, but he gave THE PEOPLE IN NEW ZEALAND (aka Brennen) a little sneak peak. Brennen… respect. And Shaun, your an insane little red ball of talent.

Props brah

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