Save The Mellons!

Cans, jugs, knockers, racks, hooters or fun bags, what ever you want to call them all of October they have been the center of attention. Before your head falls in the gutter, what I mean is October has been breast cancer awareness month. I’m sure you’ve seen some adds or promotions in one form or another, they’re kinda hard to miss. But the boarding world has jumped on the band wagon too.

Snowboarding is even bringing a peep show to a town near you. Well, I guess I should say Peep Show, from June Bhongjan and Esthera Preda, is an all girl snowboard video that has been premiering all over the place to support B4BC. They were just down in Orange County, California with a runway show of Roxy and Nikita outerwear. The video is spotlighting talent like Celia Miller, Desiree Melancon, Marie Hucal, Bev Vuilleumier (who just so happens to ride for The House) and Madison Blackley.

Boarding 4 Breast Cancer is a great foundation that promotes early detection and finding a cure, while still keeping the atmosphere and attitude of boarders alive. The B4BC Web site will not only inform you but is also sure to make you laugh out loud at least once. It’s pretty rad. While on their site you also gotta check out some of the T-Shirts you can buy to support the cause, they’re so outrageous.

We also got some stuff here at The House if you’re interested. So if you know someone who has fought breast cancer be sure to represent! Also don’t forget to swing by B4BC‘s Web site and check out the Boob Tube.

peep show teaser 2 from peep show on Vimeo.

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