Twitter Giveaway – Sapient MXII BMX Bike

This Week, back by popular demand, we will be giving away a Sapient MXII BMX Bike. To enter to win follow and mention @houseboardshop by next Friday. One winner will be announced on August 5th. Best of luck!

Congratulation  to @lifeonprint who won a  House Skateboard Complete during the Twitter giveaway this week.

22 Responses to “Twitter Giveaway – Sapient MXII BMX Bike”

  1. im 15 and just starting bmx and im getting tired of using all my friends bikes and id like one of my own. im a little low on money right now and it be sick to win a bike. id use it pretty much all the time and maybe get pro, but problably not. il put a good word out for the

  2. Mia Dentice on said:

    AWESOME!!!! This would make the perfect birthday present for my son! *fingers-crossed*

  3. terence on said:

    ello me again just like all of the messeges and comments can i have the bike tryien and tryien but dad cant afford it.

  4. hey i could realy use a bike im 16 and useing my friends bikes i would love to win this bike and it sayed if i mention a post on twitter i would be entered im not to great at the spelling but with a bike maby i wouldnt have to spell and like i sayed i could realy use a great bike

  5. San D on said:

    Awesome!! Thanks for so many amazing giveaways!

    Twitter follower @SS_DAL

  6. @Shihtzuation on said:

    Congrats @lifeonprint!!

    I’ll keep my fingers crossed. This is a great giveaway! =)

  7. Corey on said:

    i was at a carnival and i locked my bike up to a sign and when i went back to it after an hour or so, my bike was gone! and i got the police to try and help me find it and i showed them where i locked it. turns out the theif picked the sign up out of the ground and took the bike and the lock…. i was pissed and i still am bc now i dont have my bike and i want a new one really badly. hopefully you guys at can help. thanks!!

  8. isaiah neal on said:

    my name is isaiah yes your probly not going beleive what happen to my old bmx bike.ok i was 180 in the street rigth and dis car came rigth around the corner and crash!!!no more bike the frame has a big bent in it my tires are all mas up and now my mom is makein me pay for a new one wich i dont have a job cuz i only 14 and now i stuck at home doing nothing and now my best friend just got a new sapient bike and i try it and its the best bike in the world i think.plz i need a new bike.

  9. damon ruhmel on said:

    my names damon ruhmel now i promise this isnt a lie the reason why i believe i deserve the bike well really im doing this for my little brother recently both our bikes were stolen from eachother both bikes were locked up andwere taken from us i woke up in the morning to go out for a ride and the bikes wernt there i called the police and they told me that im an immature kid and i shouldnt be calling the police to report a stolen bike because im not the owner but im 19 years old and i bought both of the bikes with my own money ive had my aunt call the cops and they have refused to call back ort even look for the bikes i am really just doing this so i can get my little brother a bike. if i win this contest i will be eternaly grateful for your help and caring

  10. laurel Keating on said:

    I would love to win this, my 14 year old would love this very much, I have a grand son too, that had his trashed, but he is too little for it right now

  11. jay garcia on said:

    i wanna ride a bmx to do work all day son!

  12. jorge garcia on said:

    this bike ii can see myself ridding a lot and a lot ha its good fer sure

  13. Matt Kalist on said:

    My kid would love this bike. 20″ would be perfect. Thanks The-House, and I hope I get lucky.

  14. I left an original tweet here!/EarthAngel2b/status/98984960370810880
    I also retweeted your original messages here!/houseboardshop/status/97039907368869888

    I want to win this SO BADLY For my youngest 16 yr old Son ELIJAH who’s greatest passion is bmxing! He bmxes from morning to dark every day 3/4 of the year. He also repairs all the other bmxers in town’s bikes from the damage they endure from jumps and stunts etc. He is an exceptionally great kid, and I would love to encourage something he loves so much and how much I support his interests by giving him this if I won it for him! He so deserves it.

  15. christina davis (nickandmattsmom) on said:

    I have 2 boys that would love to share that bike 🙂 following and tweeting @nickandmattsmom thank you for chance to win it!

  16. i want this bike because i bought a sapient and in the first week of having it my bike chain snaped and i have no idea why! and i just started so i wasnt doing anything insane 🙁

  17. dear the house,

    I always wanted a bmx bike. I got a mike skinner bmx bike but its to heavy, so I cant do tricks on it so I really want that bike.

  18. I dont no how to tweet but i need this bike cause i just got a new one and it got stolen and my mom wont get me a new one so please please let me have that nice bike

  19. i would really want this bike because i have just started trying to do bmx and i would really want a new bike please bye

  20. Ashton on said:

    hello i am 15 years old and i would like to win this bike. if i would win this bike i will be very happy that i will run around my neighborhood in my dirty underwear with race tracks going down the middle screaming “i won i won” and i will video tape it and send it in to you guys so you can have a good laugh.

  21. Im 11 and i want to ride bmx but dont you need a bike for that and i was wondering if you could help me out.

  22. Jacob Brassell on said:

    I like dirt rampin my rocket dog…

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