Salomon Team Is Stopping In To Hang

The Salomon Team is comin to the Hizzie! Tuesday, November 24th they’re gonna be hangin out in the shop from 3 till they gotta head out to their rail jam. Stop by and say hey,and then head over to support their shed styles.

The Rail Jam is going to be at Joe’s Sporting Goods and it’s starting at 5 and going till 9. You can come play a game of S.N.O.W. with everyone. They are gonna have tons of prizes for everyone there, and the top three riders of the comp are gonna get cash money! So be sure to come chill with the team . Some of the guys that are gonna be here are:

Chris Grenier, Bode Merrill, Louif Paradis, Desiree Melancon, Jed Anderson, Harrison Gordon, Scotty Arnold and Josh Dirksen

It’s gonna be one killer time so don’t miss out!

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