Rob Dyrdek Stoner Skate Plaza

rob dyrdek skate plaza stoner park

Artsy Hollowed Out Bank to Bank at the Dyrdek Skate Plaza photo: Eric Meyers

We had so much fun earlier in the week at the Rob Dyrdek Charmette Bonpua Plaza that we decided to give another one of his creations a go, so we pushed on over to the Stoner Park in westside Los Angeles. The Stoner Park—and yes, it’s really called that—is not the place to go if you’re feeling lazy and sluggish. In fact, it’d probably be more fitting to call it boner park for how excited we were to lay eyes upon it.

rob dyrdek skate plaza stoner park

Rob Dyrdek's Westside Plaza

The Stoner Skate Plaza weighs in at 20,000-square-feet, and if you’re into street skating its probably the best park you’ll find in all of California. On one side of the park is a series of manual pads and ledges that evoke memories of the old Love Park. In the middle is a big ledge with a small ledge to manual pad next to it in order to satisfy all your combo desires. Check out that ramp-to-ramp too…a little intimidating at first, but hop over it once and you’re partying for the rest of the day.

There’s only one quarterpipe in the entire park, so leave your knee pads at home, but definitely come here ready to skate. To get the scoop on all of Mr. Dyrdek’s projects, cruise on over to where you can find out about all his plazas and even get a start on convincing him to build one in your town next! This one’s located at 1835 Stoner Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90025.

Lineup of ledges and rails for back noses photo: Eric Meyers

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