Red Bull Dream Line Part 1

Red Bull Dream Line Dirt BMX contest was held at Coffee Mill Ski Resort in Wabasha, MN this past weekend. Red Bull gave Anthony Napolitan and his team of builders the necessary resources to make their dream lime come true. They were able to build a custom dirt trail course out of the ski resort.  No one knew that they were building this course in the middle of nowhere Minnesota a few months ago. To their surprise no one touched the course until they got there last week. Friday was the first day of the comp 16 of the top dirt riders came out to ride the course. There were two different heats with 8 riders in heat. Each heat all the riders had a one hour runs, within that hour each rider gets to ride as many runs as they could. The judging the contest were the riders.

Only 8 made it to the finals. Those 8 are

Brain Foster
Luke Parslow
Cory Nastazio
Gary Young
Chris Doyle
TJ Ellis
Dennis Enerson
Mike “Hucker” Clark

Cory Nastazio does this Superman


Catch me if you can.

Starting point of the course.

Mike "Hucker" Clark tore his pants and knee pad.


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  1. Im Alen i come from Bosnian and Herzegowina i live in a town called Sarajevo.I want a bmx bike because I have never had one and my dream is to have one RIDE. I want to because I love learning tick And if I win my dream will come true. By the Way THE – HOUSE ROCKS MOCH RESPECT. I wish I winn! 🙂

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