Gear Review: 32 Shiloh Snowboard Jacket


A custom fitting jacket is what everyone wants and Thirty Two has designed their 2010 line to give each rider just that. They had a well seasoned patternmaker come in to design four custom fits for their jackets, which include the Regular Fit, Relax Fit, Sti Fit and the Slim Fit. Thirty Two also uses an insane six different fabrics that they integrate throughout their line. Not to mention that each piece is loaded down special specs that will help keep you ripping all day long.

The Shiloh jacket is one of Thirty Two’s specialties for 2010. It comes in a variety of colors and styles, but the one I tried on was the snorkel blue. I loved this jacket as soon as I slid it on. It has the wrist gators to keep snow out of the sleeves, a nice and snug waist gator, an Ipod pocket and a monster internal storage pocket that is so big you could probably park your car in it. The one thing about this coat that I’m not really to stoked on is the relaxed fit, but that’s just personal opinion and what doesn’t work for me will surely work for someone else. Over all it’s a nice light shell that has room for movement and isn’t restricting at all. Fully taped seams so you know you’ll stay dry and fleece around the neck and by your face for extra warmth and comfort. I really like the style of the jacket and how it feels on. I would most definitely recommend this jacket to anyone. And it’s affordable!

Wrist gators are the best invention ever
Wrist gators are the best invention ever

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