Paddleboarder Get Up-close And Personal With The Largest Mammal On Earth

The video was shot by David Anderson of Capt. Dave’s Dolphin and Whale Safari.

The other week off of Dana Point, California. A paddle boarder was give the view of a lifetime. He was up close and personal with the largest mammal on earth, the majestic Blue Whale. The average Blue whales can grow over 99 feet long and weigh around 150 to 175 tons. The longest Blue Whale on record was around 110 feet the the heaviest Blue Whale weighed in at approximation 190 tons or 380,00 pounds. You don’t want to know how they weighed it.

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  1. Axel on said:

    That is amazing! Dolphins are one thing but a Blue Whale. Apparently Amazing things make you a better person, here have a read of this, “Exposure to Awesome Things Makes You a Better Person

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