Old Man River Project- Brett On the Water

The Story begins in Kingston, Ontario with a love of water and the outdoors.  A few years ago Brett Rogers and his first mate Cliff  built a traditional  32 foot wooden York Boat  named Annie. The York Boat was once the vessel of choice for fur the old american frontier.  Starting in Bemidji Mn Brett and Cliff where joined by Kyle, Magnus and Sarah and set forth on a adventure of a lifetime.  Travelling 2400 mile down the mighty Mississippi on a 110 day expedition to the gulf of mexico, where they will donate their boat Annie to Lower Mississippi Riverkeeper. Who’s goals is to protect, preserve and restore the Mississippi River Basin for  future generations.


Old Man River. Chapter 2/10: Troubled Waters

Old Man River. Chapter 3/10: Bright Lights

Old Man River. Chapter 4/10: The Gift

Old Man River. Chapter 5/10: Cold Rain

Old Man River. Chapter 6/10: The Flood

Old Man River. Chapter 7/10: Thirsty

To learn more about Brett and some of his other adventures visit: www.brettonthewater.com

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