Off The Grid – Davis Torgerson

Off The Grid – Davis Torgerson

As an avid skateboarder I can understand the frustrations of skating the same spots day in and day out.  Yes, skating will always be a fun way to express yourself creatively, but when you’ve done every trick on the same down rail, stair set, or bowl it can feel too routine.  I’m going to take the same approach to choosing a new skate spot like Davis Torgerson did; by throwing a dart at an over sized map, not of Southern California, but of Minneapolis.  Step number 1: find an oversized map of Minneapolis.  Step number 2: pray to God that it doesn’t land on North Minneapolis.  Wish me luck.

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  1. I am so happy that James ventured out and I am not rrpsuised at all that he is good at his new sport.Hmmmm….reminds me of someone. Except that I didn’t try as early or as hard as he has. Tell him I’m proud of him.

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