Nyjah Three-Peats at Street League AZ


The Street League DC Pro fueled by Monster Energy hit the hot streets of Glendale, Arizona this weekend and Nyjah Huston won the event for the third time in a row. Coming into this event, Huston was in first place in the overall standings, and he kept the momentum going in the Southwest.

Huston has been slaying these custom-made courses all summer long, even with talent like Ryan Sheckler, Paul Rodriguez, and Chris Cole breathing down his neck. The riders all seemed to agree that the Arizona course was the gnarliest yet, but it definitely allowed the creme de la creme to shine through as you can see from the Transworld edit.

Some of the highlights of the afternoon included Chris Cole’s back 270 boardslide and terrifyingly-awesome tre flip to fake 50-50. Sheckler had some switch-ups goodies on the flat bar while Luan Olivera put down some super technical stuff on the bump-to-gap. Paul Rodriguez didn’t win Best Trick, but his back tail pull back flip was easily my favorite of the day. Official honors went to Chris Cole.

In the end, little 16-year-old Nyjah Huston was the big winner, and with a sweep of the first three events he’s sitting pretty going into the championships out in Jersey on August 28. Mark your calendars and tune into ESPN for all the action. Or, if you’re in the area, click on over to the Street League site for tickets and catch it live.

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