Nixon and DC wanna go fast!

Rarely can a person excel at two very different skills. When the NBA’s greatest player ever tried playing professional baseball, he failed miserably. When Arnold tried governing, that turned out pretty bad. Even the man with the golden voice couldn’t do anything more than just be homeless (he just quit rehab and is back on the streets). But once in a while someone great comes along and dominates. Remember Deion Sanders? Neon Deion was the freaking man! Not only did he dominate in the NFL and MLB, but he wore cool bandanas and pretty much invented afterbang with his high-steppin and end zone dances.

Well now action sport’s spastic golden boy Travis Pastrana is about to take over another sport, too. He already owned the world’s of MotoX and Rally Racing and next week he debuts in his first NASCAR race. Personally, we think this is pretty cool, regardless of the popular opinion towards turning left for hours. It will be even cooler if he starts winning because then you’ll be able to trash talk all your redneck friends about how much more athletic us “extreme” kids are. Pastrana is keeping it core, too. Not only has he managed grab number 99 for the side of his whip, he’s got DC and Nixon on his lineup of sponsors. Never in our lives did we think we’d see a Nixon logo making 200 mph loops, but we think it’s going to look good doing so.

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