Nike Zoom Force 1

Gold SkateboardThis majestic creature was created by a colaborations between Osamu Koyama and Nike. The Zoom Force 1 Snowboard boots code named- American Eagle are based on Osamu found memories of Japanese Anime.

Osamu Koyama is man behind the Jewerly Label Complete Technique. Some of his creations includes the $700 Black Right Speaker Ring and the  $230 Gold Skateboard Necklace which come complete with Sterling silver and 18K Gold plating, Black Rhodium griptape and Rhodium plated chain.

These Nike Zoom Forces look like they are straight out of  Back To The Future or perhaps Gene Simmons closet. Regardless of the reasoning behind the creations of these boot they definitely will look great with Flows 24k Gold  Snowboard Bindings.


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