Motocross Boards

It looks like a  50 cc motorcycles mated with an all terrain long board. Their offspring fell in love with with the Lib Tech TRS with Horsepower and unexpectedly delivered twins. These twins may look identical but let me tell you they could not be more different. “MOTO”  is a gas hog with a need for speed while “Shocker” or Sparky as we like to call him is a cleaner, more Eco friendly powerhouse.

When the creator was asked how did he come up with the idea for the the MXB Moto and MXB Shocker, he replied, “It was just like breeding rabid, yet beautiful dogs… you find the characteristics you desire in the animal and you let nature take its filthy course.”  Okay, he didn’t actually say that.

Actually the Motocrosboards are the brain child of Andy Keel, “It’s a combination of a snowboard and motorcycling.” Andy built the some of the first prototypes in is garage in hopes of finding that same wonderful sensation on dirt as you get when your snowboarding.  “This is as close as you can get to the sensation without the slopes.” – says Andy

If the lack of snow is getting you down these boards just might be your ticket happiness! that is if you have an extra $2500 laying around.

New to the Motocrossboard industry are the NitroBoards. Unlike their two-wheel cousins the Nitroboard is more of an all around board with twice the stability due to extra wheels.

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