Mikey Ciccarelli Joins The Burton Youth Team

15 year old Mikey Ciccarelli, who started skiing at age 3, hails  from Ontario Canada and ecently he added to the Burton Youth Snowboard team. After watching this video you will understand why. The kids got some talent. He has a smooth style and  is not afraid to go big. This past winter Mikey took Gold at the Winter Youth Olympics in Innsbruck Austria proving he has what it take to become a great snowboarder. I only have one question. Do you think Mikey is related to Minnesota Norths Star and Hockey Hall of Famer Dino Ciccarelli?


2 Responses to “Mikey Ciccarelli Joins The Burton Youth Team”

  1. john ciccarelli on said:

    yes he is

  2. Dana on said:

    Thanks John, I thought there was a resemblance.

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